PS5 Prices Have Gone Up In Japan For The Second Time

Digital Edition 20% More Expensive Now!

Sony has finally announced the PS5 Slim, which was rumored for many months prior to the recent announcement. The new console comes with a detachable disc drive, more storage, and a lighter shell.

However, Sony has also announced revised prices for the PS5. In Japan, the console has seen another price hike, now costing as much as 66,980 yen.

Why it matters: The Japanese yen is currently struggling to keep up with economic challenges, possibly being the major reason for this decision.

PlayStation 5 Prices
Source: Sony

The new price for the PS5 has been shared by Sony on the Japanese PS Blog. Previously, the disc drive model was available for ¥60,478 or around $407, but it has now jumped to ¥66,980, around $450.

The digital edition price has also increased from ¥49,478 to ¥58,980, which amounts to an approximate increase from $334 to $404. In addition to the console, Sony has raised prices for peripherals.

Therefore, accessories like the DualSense controllers, headsets, and more will now be priced much higher. While a price hike is unsurprising in today’s conditions, Japan has had it worse than regions like the US.

This is the second time Sony has raised PS5 prices in Japan. In the US, the digital model has received a $50 price bump, but the physical model has retained its $500 price point.

PlayStation 5 Slim


Nonetheless, the PS5 has performed well in Japan so far. It sold 2 million units in the region this year, becoming the first PlayStation since the PS2 to achieve this remarkable figure.

We believe price increases are inevitable with the deteriorating economy, but the fact that this is the second instance of such an increase makes it disappointing. However, we also think this is unlikely to affect the console’s success in the region.

Japan has always been the home of PlayStation, and even less impressive products like the PlayStation Portal have sold well in the region.

The latest PS5 model will begin to roll out in November. Sony eventually plans to replace it with existing models, making it the only PlayStation console on the market moving forward.

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