Forza Motorsport Launches To Negative Reviews On Steam

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Over 50% of Reviews Are Negative!

The Forza Motorsport franchise returned after six years in 2023, receiving positive reviews for a renewed focus on simulation racing elements. These elements have earned it a score of 84/100 on Metacritic.

While the game has received praise for its gorgeous visuals, impressive car handling, and more, it appears to have disappointed Steam users. Hours after release, the game has been flooded with negative reviews on the platform.

Why it matters: Forza Motorsport is the last major release of 2023 for Xbox, and the Forza franchise has always been popular on PC. Therefore, it is surprising to see such a negative reception for its latest entry.

Forza Motorsport Steam Reviews
Source Steam

At the time of writing, the racing game has a total of around 566 reviews. Out of these reviews, only 45% are positive, leading to 328 disappointed Steam users.

This is a shocking reception since predecessors like Forza Horizon 5 had thousands of happy customers on the same platform. While the reviews have pointed to various aspects, the most common criticisms point to an inconsistent port and poor progression.

Steam users have reported issues like crashing, being unable to apply graphical settings like FSR, and disappointing performance in general. Others believe the progression is extremely slow, leading to a dull experience.

Forza Motorsport Steam Reviews
Source: Steam

Forza Motorsport encourages grinding for each car, as upgrades aren’t immediately made available like in past games. This leads to hours spent on each car, preventing players from trying different vehicles.

Since a core aspect of simulation racing revolves around tuning and trying different cars, players have found Turn 10’s latest release discouraging because of the time required to unlock upgrades in the first place.

Nonetheless, this is a disappointing start for Forza Motorsport on PC. The game also lacks popular features like split-screen and spectator mode, further adding to the current disappointment.

Forza’s simulation racing branch was missing for many years prior to this release, so it is surprising to see the team underdelivering in so many areas. However, we hope the game is able to eventually address such criticisms and regain its place among the best racing games.

There is still much to like about Forza Motorsport, and long-term support should ensure the game eventually realizes its true potential as a racing game.

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