Disney Reportedly Targeting Gaming Expansion Through Acquisitions Like EA

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Hopes To Become Gaming Giant!

The gaming industry has been the target of many giants in recent years. The likes of Amazon and Netflix have begun to expand their influence in the market, and it appears Disney hopes to be another major competitor soon.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Disney is considering a major push in the industry, hoping to become a gaming giant.

Why it matters: Such involvement from outer sources could disrupt the gaming industry. In the past, Shawn Layden has warned about their interests in this part of the entertainment business.

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The report points to Bob Iger, who returned to Disney in 2022 for two additional years. It states that the company’s struggles have culminated in a consideration toward a massive push for a bigger presence as a game studio.

This may lead to the company pursuing gaming acquisitions, with sources highlighting EA in particular. The report follows an earlier rumor that claimed Marvel hoped to increase its focus on games moving forward.

As Marvel falls under the larger Disney umbrella, both reports appear to line up. However, Disney also owns IPs like Star Wars, making the gaming industry a compelling pursuit for the company.

Currently, it has already licensed these IPs for games like Iron Man from EA, Star Wars Outlaws from Ubisoft, and more. However, sources claim the company wants to move away from simply licensing its IPs.

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This approach would help Bob Iger reinvigorate the company and solve many of its biggest issues, though the executive appears undecided about such ideas.

Compared to the likes of Amazon and Netflix, Disney holds an inherent advantage. It would be able to leverage its many IPs, which are currently among the best-sellers through licensed games.

The likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man show that these IPs have immense untapped potential, likely opening up completely new doors for the company should it choose to pursue these ambitions in the coming years.

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