PS5 Sold Over 2 Million Units In Japan This Year

2 Million Sales For First Time Since PS2!

The success of the PS5 console is no secret. PlayStation’s latest console has been dominating rivals like Xbox since 2020, finding more success than before in 2023.

Having shipped over 41 million units, the PS5 is on track to match or exceed the lifetime sales of the PS4. The console has shown steady progress in regions like Japan in particular, selling over 4 million units in the region.

A new report further highlights the console’s success in Japan. It has sold over 2 million units in the first nine months of 2023.

Why it matters: This is the first time a PlayStation console has sold 2 million units in the Japanese market within one year since 2005, making it a massive milestone for the PS5.

PlayStation PS5
Source: Neogaf

As reported by Zedinen on Neogaf, data gathered from weekly Famitsu sales numbers suggests the console has sold 2,031,594 units in Japan this year.

Comparatively, the console had sold 731,868 units last year. This means that the PS5 is selling over twice as fast in Japan this year, thanks to the end of PlayStation’s long battle with stock shortages.

Such surges in sales have been observed across various regions in 2023, including Europe. However, the year is still not over, and PlayStation is expected to end it on a high note.

What makes the figure so impressive is the fact that no PlayStation console after the PS2 has been able to sell 2 million units in the region within 12 months. The PS4 got close in 2017 but ultimately failed to achieve this figure.

PlayStation PS5

During the days of the PS2, PlayStation had a massive focus on the Japanese market. Today, the gaming giant is considered to have a bigger Western focus, yet the PS5 continues to do well in the market.

Recent timed exclusives like Final Fantasy 16 have likely contributed to this milestone, in addition to the general demand after a lack of availability for over 2 years.

PlayStation’s latest wave of discounts and promotions has also helped the console gain more recognition.

The PS5 has marked a new high for PlayStation in the Japanese market after nearly two decades, and the gaming giant will now concentrate its efforts on maintaining interest in its latest console.

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