The PS5 Has Now Sold More Than 4 Million Units in Japan

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Already Achieved Half of PS4 Sales In Japan!

Since its debut, the PS5 has been a massive success for Sony. Although the console had a rough start due to supply issues, Sony has managed it effectively over time, and the console keeps achieving new feats in 2023.

Following months of success, the console has passed another milestone. According to Famitsu, the PS5 has sold over 4 million units in Japan.

Why it matters: PlayStation is the current market leader for current-generation consoles. Despite supply issues, it has maintained a comfortable lead over Xbox Series S|X offerings from Microsoft.

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The console sold 53,211 units in Japan last week. According to the report, the 4 million figure consists of 3,495,327 disc variant sales and 551,239 digital variant sales.

Nintendo has traditionally dominated the Japanese gaming industry, and the Switch is currently the market leader in the region. However, recent months have been great for Sony, and the PS5 is quickly growing.

The 4 million figure also means that the PS5 has already sold half as many consoles as the PS4 in Japan. At its current pace, the latest console could surpass the PS4 in Japan soon, becoming more successful in the region.

Last month, Sony confirmed the overall sales of the PS5. The console has sold over 40 million units in less than three years, marking a massive milestone for Sony.

At its current pace, the console will likely beat its predecessor, the PS4, which has sold more than 117.2 million units. However, it remains to be seen if PlayStation can continue to appeal to gamers worldwide in the coming years.

Furthermore, rumors have suggested that Sony is planning two new console revisions. A new version is expected to launch in the coming months, featuring a detachable disc drive. This is expected to be followed by a Pro revision, bringing more capable hardware for enthusiast gamers in 2024.

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