Redfall Discounted To $10 But Xbox Fans Claim It’s Still Not Worth It

"Wouldn't Play It For Free!"

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  • Redfall’s physical edition is being sold for $10 at BestBuy.
  • Players seem uninterested in this offer, claiming that the title isn’t worth playing on Game Pass either.
  • Arkane Austin is still hoping to support the game.

Redfall is one of the biggest disasters of AAA gaming in 2023. With poor AI, buggy gameplay, and disappointing visuals, this release from Arkane Studios is the developer’s lowest-rated title to date.

However, recent updates gave fans some hope. The game now supports 60FPS on Xbox Series S|X consoles, and various quality-of-life changes have been made to the mechanics.

Following the update, the game is on sale for just $10 in a BestBuy promotion, but Xbox fans are still uninterested in this first-party release.

Why it matters: Redfall’s failure shows that most games are unable to recover from a poor launch. Therefore, developers need to exercise caution when putting out such products.

Redfall physical is currently on sale for $9.99 at Best Buy…
byu/January1st2020AD inXboxSeriesX

On the Xbox Series X subreddit, users have discussed the value of Redfall, and many have made a few shocking statements.

Various Redditors believe the game isn’t even worth playing for free through Game Pass, let alone as a $10 purchase. Others claim that the $10 would be better spent on a Game Pass subscription, which would also provide access to this title.

Reddit user DatBoiDanny states that the $10 should be used on a better game, pointing to Arkane Austin’s Prey for $2 being a better deal at the moment. Another user made an even more bold statement and said:

“They couldn’t pay me $10 to play this game.”

These reactions are not too shocking. Despite the recent updates, the game has struggled to gain back players on platforms like Steam, and many of its biggest problems remain unaddressed.

Still, Bethesda reportedly intends to support the co-op shooter in the long term.

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In a slew of negative comments, there is still some positivity to be found for Redfall.  Some have highlighted a few positive aspects of the game, claiming that there is fun to be had in the game because of its co-op aspects.

Unfortunately, such comments are few and far between.

Redfall is still being supported and on track to receive the additional content promised in the Bite Back Edition. However, going by these reactions, it may be better for Arkane Austin to move on from the game and focus on its next game as soon as possible.

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