Pro Players Consider CS:GO To Be Better Than Counter-Strike 2

Requires More Work To Match CS:GO!

CS:GO is Valve’s most-played Steam game by a large margin, accumulating over 1.8 million concurrent players at its peak. The game gathered a large community over 11 years that grew to enjoy its casual and competitive aspects.

However, with the release of Counter-Strike 2, CS:GO has been replaced. To casual players, Counter-Strike 2 is not much different from its predecessor, but for professional players, the new iteration of the series brings several changes.

Following the first few days of Counter-Strike 2, many professional players believe it does not match CS:GO.

The release of Counter-Strike 2 is not without its advantages. The game introduces long-requested changes like improvements to tick rates through sub-tick updates, allowing for a more seamless experience and instant response times.

Additionally, introductions like volumetric smokes help add more realism to the game. Despite such changes, professional players have not been too pleased. As reported by PCGamer, players like HooXi from G2 Esports claim that the game is a mixed bag for now.

He pointed out that its launch state is much better than CS:GO but does not match up to the last iteration of its predecessor. HooXi said:

“It’s not better than CS:GO yet, not even close.”

Another professional player, Gamer Legion’s Volt, believes the game is headed in the right direction but needs more improvements to match its predecessor. However, he also shared that it was exciting and refreshing to try a new Counter-Strike game. Volt said:

“It needs more improvements before it is a good one-to-one replacement for CS:GO.”

Others have shared similar opinions, but these players have realized the potential of Counter-Strike 2. Despite their criticisms, the professional players have faith in Valve and are willing to stick with the game as it evolves.

Counter-Strike 2

Nonetheless, Counter-Strike 2 has breathed new life into the legendary Valve IP.

The game has received an unprecedented number of new players, forcing Valve to increase server capacity to accommodate millions of players joining the release. Previously, CS:GO had also maintained peaks of one million concurrent players for the last 12 months.

Counter-Strike 2 has just begun its long journey.

If Valve’s history is anything to go by, the game will be supported for many years to come, incorporating player feedback to improve the game and turn it into the best possible version of itself in the coming years.

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