Fable Dev Hires Baldur’s Gate 3 Producer After 4 Years

Major Talent Acquired For Fable Development!

Baldur’s Gate 3 stands among the best releases of 2023. After a surprisingly massive launch, it became the second biggest Steam release of the year and matched games like Tears of the Kingdom on Metacritic.

Larian Studios has done an incredible job with Baldur’s Gate 3, bringing the RPG franchise to life with nearly endless amounts of content and narratives. The studio has also begun to work on its next game, with a few developers parting ways after the release.

One such developer is the producer Ryan Clark, who has recently joined a first-party Xbox developer. Ryan Clark is now a senior producer for Playground Games, as the studio currently works on Fable.

Why it matters: Fable is arguably the biggest first-party Xbox game in the next two years. The franchise has a long history of great releases, and the reboot from Playground Games is expected to live up to this legacy.

Fable Senior Producer
Source: LinkedIn

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ryan Clark worked at Larian Studios for four years. The developer joined Playground Games one month after the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, assuming the role of senior producer at the studio.

Since Playground Games is moving full steam ahead with Fable, the producer will likely lend his talent to this anticipated release. Announcing his new role, Ryan Clark wrote on his profile:

 “I’m super excited to share I’m starting a new position as senior producer at Playground Games!”

Fable was initially announced in 2020, making its latest appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023. Playground Games showed a mix of gameplay and cinematics, highlighting stunning visuals and a comedic tone.

The visuals, in particular, stood out for being gorgeous, leading many to question if the final game would live up to the trailer. In response, Playground Games claimed such concerns were a testament to the studio’s work.

With Ryan Clark on board with Playground Games, Fable is in a better position than before. The producer has years of experience working with AAA publishers, coming hot on the heels of a massive success.

He has likely learned valuable lessons during the development of Baldur’s Gate 3 at Larian Studios, which could prove to be crucial to the eventual success of Fable on Xbox Series S|X and PC.


Recently, the Fable narrative lead left Playground Games, leading to concerns from some fans. However, recent talent acquisitions like Ryan Clark should ensure the game progresses smoothly.

Fable has been playable at Playground Games since early 2023, highlighting that the studio is steadily making progress with the game.

Meanwhile, Xbox has releases like Hellblade 2 and Avowed lined up for 2024, keeping fans busy before the return of its major RPG franchise.

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