Baldur’s Gate 3 Features Up To 17K Potential Endings

Thousands of Variations!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is pushing the boundaries of scope and scale in RPGs. Previously, Larian Studios revealed it would include nearly 174 hours of cinematics. However, a new detail delivers further insight into the studio’s ambitions.

The developers were recently interviewed by Fextralife, and the interview hints that Baldur’s Gate 3 will feature around 17000 ending variations.

Why it matters: This is just one part of the game’s impressive scope. Previously, a developer argued Baldur’s Gate 3 should not be the new baseline for RPGs due to its size, and each detail appears to justify this perspective.

A recent video from Fextralife discusses the interview with Larian Studios and talks about the size of the game. It also mentions all the possible ending variations.

The video mentions that a single developer had been working on the game’s endings for six months. This demonstrates the incredible passion and effort the team is putting into the game. The video further states:

“She told me that there were 17,000 variations of the ending.”

It should be noted that the developers are talking about the 17,000 variations of the ending and not 17,000 entirely different conclusions.

Branching paths are a massive focus for Baldur’s Gate 3. As such, most of the endings will have slight changes to account for the thousands of variations. It is also possible that many endings will feature significant differences. However, players should not expect this from most of the variations.

Previously, a developer also claimed that it could take up to 18 runs for players to go through all of the content in Baldur’s Gate 3. As such, there is little doubt that players will be busy for hundreds of hours with the game.

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