Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Claims It Takes 18 Runs To See Full Game

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18 Runs For Endless Amounts of Content!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is raising the bar for expansive RPGs in the industry. With over 174 hours of cinematics, the game’s branching narratives have extensive variety and possibilities.

Elaborating on this length, a game developer has recently revealed how much time players would have to spend to see everything in the game. According to the developer, Baldur’s Gate 3 requires 18 playthroughs to be fully experienced.

Why it matters: With so much content, players could continue to enjoy the game for several years. This also ensures that the game remains fresh even after several playthroughs.

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In an interview with Gamerant, Lead Writer Adam Smith discussed the number of permutations due to the branching moments. When asked about the number of possibilities, Adam Smith said:

“I realized that for one of them, just to test every branch of this story, I needed to play the game 18 times.”

Elaborating on the various permutations, Adam Smith stated that Larian Studios has great writers and designers that can account for the multiple possibilities.

This also means that certain developers are dedicated to these roles, and the Lead Writer mentioned that one developer was dedicated to working on all the different romance combinations in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Therefore, Larian Studios has ensured that the branching narratives work as smoothly as possible. However, players are unlikely to notice most of this effort in just one or two playthroughs.

Previously, a developer also claimed that Baldur’s Gate 3 should be considered an anomaly for its ambitions and scope. He believes players should not expect similar detail from other games, and multiple studios could be closed if they attempted a similar game.

Previously, Larian Studios boasted more cinematics than all seasons of Game of Thrones combined. This is also due to the game’s branching narratives, which provide enough content to keep even the most hardcore players busy for hundreds of hours.

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