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About Me

From my early childhood, I’ve been passionate about gaming. Years later, as a grown adult, nothing has changed. I’ve been devoted to gaming and then reading and writing about it for over 5 years now. I love to stay updated about all the recent trends and releases ranging from AAA games to indie titles.

Position at Tech4Gamers

At T4G, my task is to cover the latest news around the gaming globe ASAP and with the utmost precision. I adore all the games and respect all the devs behind the amazing games that we get all year. So, whether it’s a PC or a Console game, I got it all covered. 

Tech Journey

My gaming and tech journey began back in the early 2000s. From the very first PlayStation to all the way to PS3 and then switching over to PC, I’ve had over 20 years of experience in gaming. I’m especially a fan of open-world games, with The Witcher 3 towering over them all in my books.

Current PC setup

Here is my current PC setup:

Fallout Series’ Senior Animator Working on Unannounced Game

Senior Artist on Bethesda who has worked on Fallout series recently updated his LinkedIn profile to working on an unannounced project.

DDR5 Memory Prices Plummet by 5% in Q1 2022

The prices of DDR5 memory have finally plummeted in the Q1 of 2022 by 5% with more drop expected in Q2 of 2022

Fable Dev Responds to Scope Concerns

There were rumors of Fable 4 being downscaled to which the Senior producer of fable tweeted that it is normal and development is going fine

Upcoming GeForce RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000 Series Will Sell At MSRP

Graphics cards are currently being sold for a lesser price than their MSRP leading us to believe that GeForce RTX 40 and Radeon RX 7000

Sony Is Working On New AR Headset For PlayStation

A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows that PlayStation is working on a new AR headset with advanced technology

PSVR 2 Games Inventory Increasing With 14 Games in Development

PSVR 2 was announced by Sony a few months ago and more than 14 titles are currently in development by different studios for the headset.

Sniper Elite 5 Embargo Violated As YouTuber Reveals Ending

A YouTuber named BIGDADDYJENDE uploaded videos on YouTube in which he revealed the different endings of Sniper Elite 5 despite the embargo

AMD GPUs Are Selling Close To MSRP; Not The Same Case With Nvidia

AMD GPUs are selling quite close to their MSRP and although Nvidia's prices have been reduced too they are still a little higher.

Kratos First Name Is John; Jokingly Confirmed by Sony

In a Tweet, Sony have jokingly confirmed that the full name of Kratos is John Kratos and the actual name of World Serpent is Colin

Evil Dead: The Game Sells More Than 500,000 Copies in Just 5 Days

Evil Dead: The Game has already sold around 500,000 copies in the just 5 days since the launch of the game

Job Posting Hints At God of War Ragnarok Launch Imminent For This Year

A recent job listing revealed that Sony is hiring for a brand manaager to promote and market God of War Ragnarok

Arma Reforger Might Be PC Exclusive Only

A recent ESRB rating revealed that Arma Reforger will be on PC only negating the earlier news that it will also launch on consoles.

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Smite 2 Interview – MOBAs Are The Dark Souls of Multiplayer Games

Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and making various changes, Smite 2 is set to breathe new life into a MOBA franchise that was already huge.

Doom: The Dark Ages Now #1 Wishlisted Game Across All Platforms

Doom: The Dark Ages has become the industry's most anticipated upcoming release after the recent showcases.

I Prefer PBS Keycaps Over ABS For My Gaming Keyboard – And I Have A Good Reason!

If you’re particular about your Gaming Keyboards, you need to make the upgrade to PBT Keycaps immediately.

Hear Me Out: Intel Macs Are Seriously Underrated For Gaming

Humiliating Intel Macs for gaming is symptomatic of being a PCMR fan. Alas, times have changed. Welcome to a new era.

I Tested The Arc Browser On Windows – It’s Still A Work In Progress

After trying the Arc browser on Windows, I'm sure it's a good change, but it still needs some improvements before it becomes the best.