Starfield Xbox Player Count Up By 72% After 60FPS Update

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Starfield Showing Signs of Resurgence!

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  • The recent 60FPS update helped boost the Starfield player base by a massive 72% on consoles.
  • The game has jumped 9 spots to join the top 20 most popular titles on Xbox right now.
  • This update allows the RPG to maintain a mostly stable 60FPS in interiors, though the most intensive parts can still drop as low as 30FPS.

Starfield has finally joined the list of 60FPS titles on the Xbox Series S|X after launching without this feature. While this update may have been a bit too late, it seems console gamers have returned in droves to try the new changes.

According to a report, Starfield’s player base is up by 72% since the 60FPS update.

Why it matters: Games skipping 60FPS are seen in a negative light today since more than 90% of modern AAA releases are able to achieve this target on current-gen consoles.

Starfield’s recent 60FPS update has helped increase the player count substantially.

According to TrueAchievements, Starfield’s 1.11.36 led to a massive surge in player counts. It is now among the top 20 most popular Xbox games, with the update helping it climb nine spots from its last position.

The 15th May update not only brought 60FPS to Starfield but also some other important changes. The game now includes much-improved surface maps, a 40 FPS mode with VRR, and various other visual improvements.

Testing shows that Bethesda has done a reasonable job with the 60FPS patch. Most parts of the RPG now run at this target frame rate, but locations like Akila and New Atlantis see the frame rate dropping as low as 30FPS.

This is perhaps why Bethesda chose to go with a locked 30FPS target in the first place.

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Still, users now have the freedom to manually adjust the frame rate to this target. Future updates promise land vehicles for Starfield, and the Shattered Space DLC is also in the works.

Bethesda will be pleased to see this boost after working hard on recent updates. We hope to see the team pushing forward at a similar pace with future updates. Starfield might finally achieve its true potential at this rate, becoming the grand sci-fi RPG Bethesda always envisioned.

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