Alan Wake 2 Drops To 847p For 60FPS on Xbox Series X & PS5

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Acceptable Compromise For Next-Gen Visuals?

Alan Wake 2 was a highly anticipated title that has just been released. The game has received a lot of attention from Remedy, leading to an excellent launch that exudes polish and confidence in nearly all aspects.

Remedy has pushed the boundaries of visuals, and its attention to storytelling has received praise from nearly every critic. However, these visuals require quite a few cutbacks to achieve 60FPS on consoles.

According to a report, the game drops to 847p to achieve 60FPS on Xbox Series X & PS5.

Why it matters: Alan Wake 2 was initially designed to target 30FPS on consoles. However, Remedy later decided to add a 60FPS mode, which may have resulted in more visual compromises than initially expected.

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As always, Digital Foundry has done an excellent job analyzing the game and its performance on different hardware.

Both modes appear quite different, with Performance mode cutting back on shadow quality, foliage density, and more. Textures also take a hit, but the end result is not poor by any means.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X appear to show similar image quality across both modes, dropping to the 847p render resolution for 60FPS. It is important to note that this resolution is upscaled to 1440p using FSR 2.

In Quality mode, the resolution is rendered at 1270p and then upscaled to 4K with FSR 2.

Alan Wake 2

Fortunately, these compromises help the game stick to its frame rate targets much better than many of the recent releases of 2023. However, the title runs noticeably better on the Xbox Series X than on the PS5, likely due to the gap in hardware between the two.

This resolution target is in line with games like Final Fantasy 16, which required similar compromises for the Performance mode. Surprisingly, Alan Wake 2 runs more stable despite being the better-looking game.

In conclusion, these are respectable results for arguably the best-looking horror game to date. Remedy has delivered unparalleled visuals, and the game’s slow nature means that frame rate hitches are not nearly as intrusive as in other fast-paced titles.

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