God of War Ragnarok DLC Allegedly Set To Be Announced By December 2023

Multiple Sources Point To New God of War Project!

God of War Ragnarok is quickly approaching its first anniversary. Last November, the game made headlines for PlayStation after selling over 5.1 million copies, and it appears Sony Santa Monica is gearing up for another exciting release.

Following the massive success of the game, a reliable leaker revealed that God of War Ragnarok DLC is already in the works. Another source has made a similar claim recently, reporting that the DLC will be revealed before the end of 2023.

Why it matters: Sony Santa Monica has yet to provide an update about its future projects despite having multiple games in development.

God of War DLC
Source: areajugones

This leak comes from a massive Spanish site dedicated to the gaming industry. The source believes this report is reliable as it comes from those close to Sony.

While no other details have been provided, a window of the next two months could point to a reveal during The Game Awards. Geoff Keighley is returning with his popular event in December, providing studios with a massive stage to showcase their work.

Previously, this event hosted reveals for the likes of Death Stranding 2. As for the DLC, it is also speculated that Sony Santa Monica could release a smaller standalone game along the lines of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Since the exact details remain unconfirmed, reports remain conflicted on this matter. Nonetheless, something certainly appears to be in the works at the studio, whether it be a smaller standalone game or a DLC.

God of War

As always, any leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. However, with multiple sources claiming that a new God of War project is in the works, we find it hard to dismiss these rumors.

Fortunately, The Game Awards 2023 is right around the corner, so we won’t have to wait much longer to verify the rumors.

Apart from God of War, the expansion for Elden Ring is expected to appear at The Game Awards 2023.

The God of War franchise is still full of potential, and we cannot wait to see where it goes next. A smaller game or DLC will be beneficial for everyone since it should keep players engaged until the next big adventure for Kratos.

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