Lies of P DLC Now In Development; Sequel Also Confirmed

More Lies of P Goodness In Development!

After a massive launch, the Lies of P developer confirmed a new announcement was on the way yesterday. While the studio did not reveal much, fans were quick to speculate about the reveal, hoping for a DLC announcement.

However, Round8 Studio has exceeded expectations, announcing not only additional content for the Souls-like but also confirming a sequel.

Why it matters: Lies of P is arguably the best Souls-like of 2023. Coming from a relatively unknown developer, this game has been a massive success.

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Lies of P reached its first major milestone with 1 million sales last month after receiving excellent reviews for a new IP competing in a somewhat oversaturated genre. Celebrating this milestone, director Choi Ji-Won said:

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel.”

The director also confirmed a patch for November to tune the balance of weapons further. This patch is aimed at improving utility for the lesser-used weapons, ensuring further variety in the game.

Additionally, the studio hopes to make the early parts of the Souls-like a bit easier by allowing players to access the Rising Dodge from the beginning. Through this change, Round8 Studio will ease players into the game’s more difficult parts without compromising the challenging aspect of this genre.

Lies of P is also receiving a new costume based on Alidoro. This costume will be accompanied by further customization options, allowing players to change Pinocchio’s outfits to their liking.

Lies of P
Lies of P DLC Concept Art From Round8 Studio

As for a potential DLC release window, the developer did not have much to share at the time of this announcement.

Round8 Studio is still hiring developers, and DLC plans are early in development. However, the director shared a new concept art for this release, hoping to keep fans excited as they wait.

Following the announcement, fans of Souls-like games have much to be excited about.

Compared to recent releases like Lords of the Fallen, Lies of P has become a bigger success, and the game is also available on Xbox Game Pass for those yet to try this release.

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