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How To Fix Shift F10 Not Working In Windows 11?

The guide talks about ways to fix Shift + F10 not working, such as updating Keyboard driver, using Shift + FN + F10, and disabling Sticky keys,

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Keyboard shortcuts like Shift + F10 may not always do the same action. It varies across different applications; for example, in File Explorer, it will launch the context menu for the chosen item. A faulty keyboard, driver issues, and sticky keys enabled are reasons the Shift + F10 duo is not working in Windows 11.

Key Takeaways
  • Shift + F10 is a keyboard shortcut usually used to access the right-click context menu, but its functionality may differ across different applications.
  • A faulty keyboard, an outdated keyboard driver, or application-based restrictions may lead to this problem.
  • Resolve it by checking the keyboard and updating its drivers, disabling sticky keys, or creating a new user profile.

Tip: Reinstall/update the keyboard drivers, power cycle the PC, check for hardware damage, update Windows, and run the Keyboard troubleshooter before trying other methods.

Use Shift + Fn + F10

If the combination fails to bring up the Command Prompt screen mid-Windows 11 installation, press Shift + Fn + F10, and it should work. Alternatively, you can boot up CMD with Windows + R; however, it only applies to the mentioned scenario.

Similarly, when I want to bring up the context menu in Windows File Explorer, I would have to press Shift + Fn + F10 instead of the older combination.

Tip: If the menu still doesn’t appear, ensure it is enabled in the Windows Registry.

Disable Sticky Keys

With the Sticky Keys enabled, you don’t have to hold down the command keys like Shift and Ctrl when executing keyboard commands. For example, to copy a text, tap the Ctrl key once and then hit C instead of having to hold them down together.

Although helpful, this feature can sometimes hinder the functioning of the shortcuts, such as Shift + F10. So, disable the Sticky Keys with the following steps as it resolved my problem.

  1. Open Keyboard Settings: Get to Windows 11 Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard.
  2. Toggle Off Sticky Keys: Click on the toggle in front of Sticky Keys to disable the feature.
    disabling sticky keys
    Disable Sticky Keys (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Wrap Up

The Shift + F10 not working trouble is seen in multiple threads on public forums like Reddit and Lenovo Forums and is not only limited to Windows 11 but to the older versions as well. 

Shift-F10 not working anymore? (local account setup)
byu/Pleaseclap4 inWindows11

The primary solution to this issue is to use the new shortcut, Shift + Fn + F10. It is especially useful when installing Windows 11 without signing up or logging into your Microsoft account. The Shift + Fn + F10 shortcut will direct you to the Command Prompt to proceed without an account. Refer to Microsoft Support for additional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Unable To Use Shift + F10 In Windows 11?

Shift+F10 may not function in Windows 11 for various reasons, including a malfunctioning keyboard, an incompatible driver, a deactivated context menu, limits imposed by an application, or a corrupted user profile.

How Do I Fix The Shift + F10 Not Working In Windows 11?

Fix by checking the keyboard for any physical faults, running Keyboard troubleshooter, or creating a new user profile

What To Do If Shift + F10 Fails In File Explorer?

Right-click the file/item to access the context menu.

Fix Other Issues In Windows 11:

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