What Rise of The Ronin Lacks In Graphics, It Makes Up For In Gameplay

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Team Ninja Goes For Gameplay Over Graphics!

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  • Rise of the Ronin has been highly criticized due to poor graphics.
  • While it has poor graphics, its gameplay makes up for that.
  • The combat mechanics of Rise of the Ronin are extremely polished. 

Rise of the Ronin, a game inspired by Ghost of Tsushima, launched to high expectations. Such comparisons led fans to believe that it would match PlayStation’s AAA values, but the graphics ended up being a let-down, with fans claiming it looked last-gen

This debate continued for a while, but many changed their opinion as soon as the game was released. Of course, if you are watching, it won’t look that good, but if you have played it, you will notice how great the gameplay is.

I have played the game for quite a while, and while I am not a fan of its graphics, Rise of the Ronin is being unfairly criticized. In my opinion, its gameplay makes up for the poor graphics.

Why it matters: Nintendo produces inferior games compared to the rest of the industry from a purely technical standpoint. However, people look past these flaws because their gameplay is extremely good.

Gameplay > Visuals

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin Plays Better Than Many AAA Games

Great graphics have never been the forte of Team Ninja. Rise of the Ronin was their first open-world game, so I never had too many expectations from the team since open-worlds come with their own set of challenges.

In my opinion, gameplay is always king when it comes to a video game. Graphics play a large role and add to the immersion, but a title like Red Dead Redemption 2 shows why I feel this way.

It is arguably one of my favorite releases from Rockstar, but is it really that good?

Red Dead Redemption 2: a good game with a lot of flaws
byu/lookingforflashgames inpatientgamers

For all its strengths in the narrative department, Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay is lackluster. It can even turn players off entirely in certain instances.

Rise of the Roin takes the opposite approach, and I much prefer this direction. Nintendo games further prove my point. Many of Nintendo’s games look much worse than typical last-generation releases, but they receive perfect scores and frequently win awards.

Why is the industry so willing to give Nintendo a pass? Simply put, their games are fun to play. In my opinion, Rise of the Ronin falls in the same boat. I will even play Cadillacs and Dinosaurs in this era because its gameplay is extremely fun.

Is The Combat Really That Good?

Rise of the Ronin
Rise of the Ronin Features One of The Best Combat Systems In the Gaming Industry

For me, Sekiro holds the place for having the best combat in the gaming industry. As of now, no game has managed to rival it. However, despite my high expectations in regard to combat, Rise of the Ronin certainly made a strong first impression.

Why do I like the combat of this game so much? First, it’s much more refined than any of Team Ninja’s previous games and extremely hard to master. The parry is extremely satisfying; you can even change your stance mid-battle.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; you can do so much more in combat.

The combat in Rise Of The Ronin is excellent (Twilight)
byu/xShinGouki inriseoftheronin

Changing stances is one of the features that I liked the most. Plenty of weapons are available, and each weapon category has a different style. Attacks flow seamlessly, and the ability to cancel animations ensures the pace remains consistent.

The grappling hook adds an element of mobility to the combat, making it important to think quickly and adapt to each situation. Moreover, you can use multiple weapons in combat since the transition between them is so smooth.

There are many styles you can master, with dual katanas being my favorite.

Is Rise of The Ronin Worth $70?

Rise of the Ronin
The $70 Price Tag Became Rise of the Ronin’s Achilles Heel

This is the most interesting part of the debate. I think Rise of the Ronin falls just short of the $70 benchmark for most people.

The excellent combat makes up for the poor visuals, but most people value games as an experience. This means that they look at the overall package. Team Ninja failed to create a genuinely compelling package when considering the narrative, the open world itself, and the activities on offer.

A major reason Red Dead Redemption 2 is so loved is that people are willing to overlook the flaws after judging the game as an experience. However, in Rise of the Ronin’s instance, this may not be easy to do.

For hardcore Team Ninja fans, this won’t be a big deal. In fact, people who enjoy challenging and gameplay-focused releases like Souls games are likely to find Rise of the Ronin quite satisfying for $70.

There is, after all, a large market for indie games that can run on much weaker hardware. Ultimately, it comes down to choice and preference, but I hope everyone gives Rise of the Ronin at least one chance at some point.

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