Resident Evil: Code Veronica Should Be Next Remake From Capcom

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One of The Most Underrated Resident Evil Games!

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  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica is one of the most deserving remakes from Capcom’s back catalog.
  • The game couldn’t reach a large audience and has no native version for modern consoles.
  • Capcom also has plans for further remakes, which makes me optimistic about a remake.

Resident Evil is among the most popular survival horror franchises that have ever graced the industry. Debuting the series with 1996’s Resident Evil, the IP hit heights never seen before in the genre and is still going strong.

While we still get new mainline games, the latest being Resident Evil Village, Capcom has also been gradually remaking the older games. This kicked off through 2019’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, an excellent upgrade over the original.

Since then, we have had Resident Evil 3 and the highly popular Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, fans want something different. Since the remakes started emerging, I have thought about a Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake.

Why it matters: Code Veronica is one of the most underrated titles in the franchise. It came out in 2000 and remains one of the few classic titles without a current-gen port.

An Underrated Masterpiece

Code Veronica initially launched on Sega’s Dreamcast console, which wasn’t very popular. This handicapped the game from the beginning, but it was later ported to other consoles.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica Featured Fixed Camera Angles

Despite that, the game flew under the radar for many people. The naming scheme was partly to blame since it meant that this release ended up as a separate entity compared to the numbered mainline entries.

However, while the title sounds like a spin-off, it was a mainline game. Resident Evil 3 was essentially the spin-off that was limited to PlayStation. The game featured Jill Valentine as the protagonist and was part of a deal where numbered titles would be available on Sony’s consoles.

Meanwhile, others would be multiplatform. This business decision meant that most people skipped Code Veronica without even realizing its status in the series.

A Complete Overhaul To Gameplay And Level Design

To its credit, the title used 3D environments instead of the previously rendered environments. However, being 24 years old, it needs a complete overhaul, more so than Capcom’s recent remakes.

While the fixed camera angle, the claustrophobic environment, and the gameplay mechanics were brilliant for their time, they don’t stack up against modern technology.

Therefore, a similar remake in line with the publisher’s recent releases would do wonders for this entry.

Chris and Claire Redfield Served As Protagonists in Code Veronica

Then some other minor things need changing. The response times were very slow, and the game felt a bit choppy at most times. Code Veronica’s gameplay was also quite linear and offered nothing out of the ordinary.

The graphics need an upgrade the most. Capcom has been brilliant with the RE Engine, so the prospect of a remake utilizing this engine’s latest capabilities makes me wish the publisher would hurry up with such a project.

As for the game’s plot, I find it still holds up quite well. It follows the Redfield twins as Claire looks for her brother on Rockfort Island in the Southern Ocean. This was also the first time the franchise went outside the US territory.

Resident Evil Remakes Code Veronica
Resident Evil: Code Veronica Deserves Some Love From The Developers

Capcom Hasn’t Ruled Out The Possibility

Capcom held a Q&A last year where they were asked if they would remake only the numbered series titles. They replied that they wanted to expand the series further, indicating that new titles and remakes of non-numbered games were included in the plans.

I am very optimistic about the remake and hope to see it soon. However, Capcom currently seems to be focused on the 9th installment along with the Resident Evil 5 Remake, which might be announced soon.

So, if there are any internal plans for Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake, it isn’t coming soon. But I’d love to hear an update or anything that hints that the remake is indeed in the plans.

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