Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Concludes Narrative From Resident Evil 7

New Direction For The Series After RE9!

The Resident Evil franchise received a fresh start with the 7th mainline entry in 2017. This game pioneered a shift back to the survival horror roots of the series after it had become too focused on action games.

Following its success, Capcom has sold over 146 million units, and last year’s Resident Evil Village has also been successful. The studio reportedly plans to release Resident Evil 9 in 2025, including new monsters and locations in this entry.

A reliable leaker suggests that Resident Evil 9 will be an important game for the series as it will conclude the narrative from the 7th and 8th mainline titles.

Why it matters: Capcom has found a lot of success with its recent Resident Evil games, but the studio is willing to leave the current narrative behind for new ideas in the future.

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This information comes from leaker Dusk Golem, who previously revealed multiple details about various horror game franchises.

According to the leaker, Resident Evil 9 will not be a direct follow-up like its predecessor. Instead, it will be a sequel in a broader sense, concluding the overarching narrative that was established in 2017. Dusk Golem said:

 “RE8 & RE9’s plots were planned together to help lead to a closing chapter to the current arc.”

Previously, the leaker claimed that Resident Evil 9 would be Capcmon’s most ambitious horror game.

The game has reportedly received the biggest budget for a Capcom survival horror release, and the team has been hard at work on this title since 2018. Going by the alleged release date of 2025, this would put Resident Evil 9 at a seven-year-long development cycle.

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Following the leak, fans have discussed that the Shadows of Rose DLC already served as the conclusion of the Winters story. However, others have pointed out that there are still a few plot points that were left unexplored.

With Resident Evil 9 aiming to tie all the elements from the last two games together, Capcom is expected to deliver another soft reboot for the series in the future. At the same time, the studio will likely continue to remake older classics, as hinted by its recent survey.

We think this is a smart move from Capcom. A trilogy should ensure a consistent and compact narrative for the series without making a mess in the pursuit of endless sequels. This approach can allow room for more experimentation and new ideas as Capcom pivots to a different style after 2025.

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