Quick Guide To Leveling Up and Earning Coins In EA Sports FC 24

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Rise Through The Ranks With This Simple Guide!

FC 24 marks a dramatic turning point for EA’s long-running soccer sim series. That’s right—the divorce is final, the FIFA name has been discarded, and EA is moving on by itself.

So far, FC 24 seems to have come out of the breakup unscathed, managing 11.3 million sales in its first week and becoming the top-selling boxed game globally a night after its launch. We haven’t checked in on FIFA, but we assume it’s also doing fine. 

So, how does all this marital strife affect you? It doesn’t. FC 24 is still the visually stunning, ultra-deep, super-slick soccer game it’s always been, with a few tweaks and additions for this latest version. 

EA Sports FC 24

It also remains an incredibly challenging multiplayer environment, with legions of diehard fans putting in the time to become incredibly skillful on and off the ball.

To stand a chance in this vast ocean of sharks, you’ll need to level up your team, earning as many FC 24 Coins as possible.

Getting Started

There are two ways to accumulate FC 24 coins. You can either play in matches and tournaments or reach into your pocket and pay for them out of your real-world reserves. 

When spending your hard-earned/conveniently bought coins, you can buy random packs to open in the hopes of finding a superstar, and you can trade with other players, spending FC 24 coins to bolster your squad just like a real manager. 


Player cards come in sets, which come in various levels of value, from Bronze up to Special, which is one rank above Gold. Naturally, the higher the quality of the set, the greater your chances of landing a top player. 

However, that’s only half the fight. FC 24 boasts an ingenious chemistry system, giving you an advantage for fielding players who work well together rather than simply putting Messi on the pitch and hoping for the best.

The more chemistry you’ve got on the field, the more matches you’ll win and the more coins you’ll amass


Competing in tournaments is the most straightforward way to earn coins in FC 24. 

Tournaments have several stages, starting with qualifying rounds and proceeding to finals. There are tons of coins on offer, even if you keep being bested—which, because matches aren’t organized by rank, is very possible.

However, there’s a catch. To be eligible to join a tournament, you have to keep up a scoring rate of 1250 per week.


Just like in real life, FC 24 lets you earn coins for doing tasks—though, in this case, you don’t have to put in any effort. Tasks are set automatically by the game, and you get rewarded when you complete them. 

Of course, it’s possible to keep an eye on your tasks and make an effort to fulfill them, but this can lead to disappointment if the job you’re working on times out. 


Moments in FC 24 are historical set pieces that you must execute perfectly. These include making a deft pass, pulling off an unstoppable header, threading a free kick through a wall of players, etc. 

The beauty of moments is that they help you to improve at the game. If you can meet their highly rigorous standards, you’ll gain skills to improve prospects on the pitch against human opponents. 

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