Capcom Claims PC Mods Are Equivalent To Cheating in Games

"What Modders Are Doing Is No Different Than Cheating."

In a bizarre claim, Capcom has firmly opposed PC game modding, classifying all mods as cheats for anti-cheat and anti-piracy efforts. This official statement has brought up crucial concerns about maintaining a game’s integrity while nurturing creativity among its players.

Why it matters: The company’s approach is problematic as fans fear Capcom might prompt a widespread cease-and-desist campaign to take down existing and future mods.

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At the Capcom Open Conference Professional RE:2023, the company made its stance on PC game modding crystal clear.

The event provided industry professionals with an in-depth preview of the latest RE Engine advancements. This engine is evolving to meet the demands of various games like Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, and Exoprimal while expanding its platform support.

In a panel titled “Anti-Cheat and Anti-Piracy Measures in PC Games,” Capcom programmer Taro Yahagi expressed concerns about potential tampering with PC games.

Yahagi emphasized the risks associated with unauthorized modifications in PC gaming, labeling them as cheats despite the freedom they offer. He stated:

“For the purposes of anti-cheat and anti-piracy, all mods are defined as cheats.”

Capcom’s statement, categorizing all mods as cheats unless officially supported, has left many fans feeling concerned.

On one side, modding has long been a fundamental part of the PC gaming community, offering users the chance to enhance, personalize, and extend their gaming experiences.

Mods are praised for their ability to inject fresh life into beloved titles and serve as creative outlets for players. Yet, the company’s concern stems from potential downsides linked to modding.

PC Mods Equivalent to Cheating, Capcom Claims
Street Fighter 6 A.K.I Mod

Capcom argues that certain mods could pose risks to the company, including damage to its reputation. Furthermore, they point out the existence of mods that might offend public order and morals, potentially harming the product’s image. Capcom says:

“There are a number of mods that are offensive to public order and morals.”

Balancing creative expression through modding while safeguarding the gaming experience’s integrity is the key challenge. Responsible modding practices and transparent communication between developers and the modding community are crucial in achieving this delicate balance.

Ultimately, it is important to understand that thoughtful modding can be a positive force in the gaming industry.

It builds a community, sparks innovation, and extends games’ longevity. Mods such as DLSS 3 being added to Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the fast travel mod in Starfield are just two examples of how the modding community can enhance a game’s overall experience.

Though Capcom’s worries about PC game modding are somewhat valid, it is crucial to recognize the immense value the modding community adds to the gaming world.

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