Fans Are Convinced Titanfall 3 Is Coming After Recent Teasers

Fingers Crossed For Titanfall 3!

Story Highlights
  • Titanfall franchise initially successful but later overshadowed.
  • Recent updates and teasers hint at Titanfall 3, igniting hope.
  • Fans believe a new Titanfall game will be announced due to ongoing interest and developer support.

The Titanfall franchise has always stood out in the first-person shooter genre. As one of the few sci-fi first-person shooters from AAA developers, the game was considered a massive hit from day one.

Titanfall 2 was also well received after Respawn added a single-player campaign and addressed many of the issues with the first game. Unfortunately, this entry was overshadowed by the likes of Battlefield 1 and later by the studio’s Apex Legends.

Since then, the developers have continued to ignore the franchise. However, a recent update fixed many lingering issues and added a few new teasers, leading to hopes for Titanfall 3.

Why it matters: Titanfall 3 appeared to be a dream that would never happen, but recent events have sparked discussion, igniting hope among the fans.

We’re obviously getting a Titanfall 3
byu/Impossible_Guess intitanfall

Respawn recently released one of the most significant updates for Titanfall 2 just before its 7th anniversary. While the game was abandoned for many years, this update has led to a lot of speculation.

The developers not only dropped a release fixing the bugs and other matchmaking issues but also hinted at the game in the Apex Legends season teaser. However, no announcement was made for the game’s anniversary on 28 October.

Still, fans are optimistic about a future where Titanfall 3 can become a reality. One fan recently took to Reddit and said:

“We are obviously getting Titanfall 3.”

The Reddit user points out that numerous teasers have pointed to the number 3. This is unlikely to be a simple coincidence, leading the user to believe Respawn is aware of what is happening.

The Reddit post also states that Respawn had no reason to return to Titanfall 2. The fact that the developer has begun to support the game and is yet to publicly deny the development of Titanfall 3 might suggest that something is definitely brewing at the studio.

Previously, Vince Zampella expressed interest in revisiting the IP, but he stated that nothing is planned for now. However, it is important to note that this statement came several months before Titanfall 2 began to receive updates.

Titanfall 2

Nonetheless, a few signs appear to be pointing toward the inevitable release of Titanfall 3.

We believe that a new game will be announced sooner or later. The franchise is still quite relevant today, as evidenced by its recent resurgence on Steam, and it would be a shame to see it being left behind by the industry.

It is unclear what the future holds for Titanfall 3. However, Respawn has already admitted that the game was in development for ten months before being scrapped in favor of Apex Legends.

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