Max Payne Remakes Ready To Enter Production, Says Remedy

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Though it’s already been over 11 years since the last Max Payne game came out, Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment agreed to develop remakes of the first two games of the series last year.

The original Max Payne is now 22 years old, while its successor turned 20 recently. Therefore, both games could use revamped controls and visuals, and Remedy Entertainment is doing just that.

The studio has provided a new update on the project recently, confirming that both remakes are headed into the production stage.

Why it matters: After Max Payne 3 failed to make a massive splash, Rockstar Games left the franchise untouched for many years. Therefore, the remakes have led to a lot of excitement.

Max Payne 2 Unreal Engine 5

Following the success of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment’s recently released earning report shared an update about the development of the Max Payne remakes. The report states:

“Max Payne 1&2 remake progressed into the production readiness stage.”

It further clarified that the developers have understood the style and scope of the remakes, which has made things easier for the team.

Before this update, the remakes reached the proof of concept stage in April. Just five months later, Remedy Entertainment is ready to embark on the production phase. Therefore, the development is progressing quite fast and smoothly.

Since both games are much shorter than the typical AAA release today, the remakes may require a shorter development cycle. The developer has already confirmed plans to bundle both games as a single release to ensure players get their money’s worth.

Max Payne Remake Rockstar Remedy

We expect to hear more about the Max Payne remakes in 2024. However, the remakes may not be available for everyone to play until 2025. Nonetheless, the developer’s progress appears to hint that the remakes are more of a priority than Control 2 for now.

Alongside Control 2, the Max Payne remakes are the biggest projects for Remedy Entertainment. The developer has already shown its potential with Alan Wake 2, leading to new levels of buzz after this exceptional horror release.

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