Max Payne 2 Was Released On This Day 20 Years Ago

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Will Return As A Remake In The Future!

Max Payne has a long history dating back to 2001. The franchise was considered pivotal to shaping the modern third-person shooter genre, inspiring games that used the bullet time mechanic.

Two years after the first game, Remedy Entertainment introduced a new chapter in the franchise, expanding upon already established foundations. Max Payne 2 was released in 2003, and the game turns 20 today.

Why it matters: This was the last entry in the franchise created by Remedy Entertainment, becoming a special release for the studio.

While Max Payne 2 arrived just two years after its predecessor, the game’s biggest innovations came in the technological departments.

The game introduced motion-captured performances, significant improvements in facial models, and a superior physics system. These additions made for an extremely immersive third-person shooter for its time.

Series staples like bullet time returned, and a new assortment of automatic weapons ensured Max Payne 2 continued the fun formula established by its predecessor.

This entry of the franchise introduced Mona Sax as a new playable character. While she was already featured in the original game, Max Payne 2 put Mona Sax at the forefront, introducing a narrative revolving around her relationship with Max.

Like the IP’s previous offering, the game told a deep tale comprised of crime and complex themes, tackling a troubled protagonist as he continues to come to terms with the death of his family.

Max Payne 2

Such elements made Max Payne 2 an immediate hit among critics. The game received many awards and positive reviews across the board, but this success did not translate to sales.

Following the game’s release, Take-Two Interactive confirmed the game was a commercial failure, and the company would wait for nine more years before delivering an eventual third entry in 2012.

Nonetheless, Max Payne is poised to return in the coming years. A collaboration between Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment has led to remakes of the first two games, with Sam Lake recently confirming the project’s importance for the team.

The remakes will be sold as one game since both games offer only a few hours of content, which is much shorter than the modern standard.

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