Fans Believe Activision Buyout Is Good For The Industry

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After many months of difficulties, Microsoft earned the approval of all major regulators for its latest buyout. This resulted in new opportunities for the gaming giant as it completed the Activision Blizzard purchase.

Due to the controversies surrounding the merger, fans have had heated discussions about its implications for the future of the gaming industry. However, a recent poll from Geoff Keighley shows that most fans agree the merger is good for the industry.

Why it matters: The poll collected data from over 66K Twitter users, highlighting that a large part of the more vocal gaming industry does not see much wrong with Microsoft’s $68.7 billion merger.

Geoff Keighley is the host of The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest. The host has used his presence and recognition in the industry to conduct a poll after Microsoft confirmed its purchase of Activision Blizzard.

At the time of writing, over 45.6% of respondents believe the deal is good, as opposed to 35.4% who find it disappointing. A third option accounts for those who are not sure about its implications, which attracted around 19% of the 66K respondents.

While the poll may not be indicative of the entire gaming industry, it suggests most people are either pleased with the merger or have not decided yet. Those in favor of the merger have pointed out various benefits.

Twitter users believe the acquisition will lead to more pocket-friendly Activision offerings thanks to Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft will revive many of the publisher’s older IPs.

Others in favor of the deal claim it will promote more competition once Microsoft’s first-party lineup is strengthened, motivating rivals like Nintendo and PlayStation to pursue more innovative projects.

On the other hand, people argued that acquisitions are rarely beneficial, and Microsoft has historically struggled to maintain a solid first-party lineup. Those against the merger pointed to conglomerates like Embracer Group, which faced massive layoffs recently and closed studios like Volition Games.

Other giants like Epic Games have also struggled recently.

Microsoft Activision Blizzard Acquisition

We believe the acquisition will prove to be a win for Microsoft and the gaming industry if the company fulfills its promise to use the merger for wider access to Activision’s games.

As pointed out by Bobby Kotick, Microsoft’s technologies could also benefit IPs like Call of Duty, leading to more innovation than before.

Nonetheless, the merger marks an important moment in the gaming industry. It has the potential to push Microsoft to new heights, but it can also lead to negative impacts if the gaming giant is unable to accommodate Activision’s vast number of developers properly.

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