Ubisoft Believes Physical Media Won’t Completely Die Out

Physical Games Will Live On!

The current trend in the gaming industry suggests the future lies in an all-digital approach. However, gaming giants like Ubisoft have recently provided an interesting perspective, suggesting otherwise.

According to Ubisoft, there will always be a place for physical media.

Why it matters: The benefits and drawbacks of digital media have led to a raging debate between enthusiasts who prefer either method of game distribution, leading to curiosity about the industry’s trajectory for the future.


Speaking on the recent events after Microsoft completed its Activision purchase, the Ubisoft SVP discussed the French company’s involvement in the transaction.

Microsoft has given streaming rights of Activision games to Ubisoft, which became the catalyst for the CMA’s approval. The SVP was also asked about the future of physical media, and he replied that digital media is unlikely to completely take over.

He said:

“Will it ever completely go away? I don’t think so.”

However, the SVP elaborated that the popularity of physical media is expected to dwindle with time. This trend has been highlighted by games like Alan Wake 2, a high-profile release skipping physical distribution.

The Ubisoft executive pointed out that physical media still has its benefits, particularly as a collector’s item. This means that there is still a massive market for such games since a certain segment of the industry is fond of buying discs.

In addition to the French giant, the GameStop Head recently emphasized the importance of physical games. We also agree with this perspective and hope the industry will continue to support discs.


Currently, the industry has already begun to shift to a digital future. Consoles like the PS5 offer discless variants, and the Nintendo Switch successor is expected to take a similar approach.

For fans of collecting discs, Ubisoft’s statement suggests the future is not grim. Being a major part of the industry, the company has more knowledge of it than most, so its prediction is likely to prove true in the long run.

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