Call of Duty 2024 Leak Points To More Reused Maps

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Reusing Maps From Black Ops Games After MW3!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is finally arriving next month. The game is following up on the most successful entry in the series, hoping to continue the tradition of successful annual releases for Activision.

This year’s game boasts all 16 maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, remastered for a new era. While old maps have always been part of yearly releases, the franchise has never relied on them this much.

It appears Activision may follow the same trend moving forward, as the latest Call of Duty 2024 leak points to more reused maps, this time from the Black Ops franchise.

Why it matters: Each release from the franchise will cost $70 moving forward, so some may find it surprising that many of the multiplayer maps will be carried over from previous games.

The leak comes after the Modern Warfare 3 open beta went live, suggesting it may have been obtained from a datamine. Nonetheless, reliable leakers like Tom Henderson also report that Treyarch is working on numerous remasters for its next game.

According to the report, this approach is meant to streamline development, allowing the studios to make the games easier to produce each year. Each Call of Duty is already a very intensive undertaking, with Modern Warfare 3 alone requiring work from 7 teams.

While the trend of older maps may appeal to nostalgic fans, this move is expected to attract criticism. We believe the old Call of Duty maps are iconic, but Activision should develop new content for each premium $70 release.

If the leak is accurate, Call of Duty 2024 may be the second game in the series to use old maps as a means to shape the entire experience.

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Previously, a leaker suggested that all of the Black Ops 2 maps were being remastered for the next Call of Duty. However, only one map in the latest leak is from Black Ops 2, while the other is from Black Ops 1.

Therefore, Treyarch may pick maps from multiple games for additional variety. 

As always, it is important to take any leak with a grain of salt. While Activision has claimed plans for the franchise are set till 2027, the next Call of Duty is still over a year away, so a lot can change during its development.

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