All Black Ops 2 Maps Being Remastered For Future Call of Duty, Suggests Leaker

Future COD With All BO2 Maps Like MW3!

The next Call of Duty will be similar to its predecessors in many ways, but Activision is taking a different approach with the game’s multiplayer offerings. Instead of completely new maps, it will feature all maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

The game will feature 16 remastered maps from the 2009 title, and a reliable leaker suggests that Activision is considering a similar approach with Black Ops 2 maps for a future Call of Duty game.

Why it matters: The old Call of Duty maps are iconic and could potentially boost the anticipation for upcoming games. Black Ops 2, in particular, is often regarded as having the best maps in the series.

Recently, Bob has been reliable with his information about Modern Warfare 3.

The leaker suggests Treyarch’s Black Ops 2 will be fundamental to Call of Duty 2025, similar to Modern Warfare 2 2009’s importance to the upcoming release of the franchise.

As stated earlier, Black Ops 2 is held in high regard for its maps. The title was among the first games to introduce the 3-lane map design that has stuck around for several years in Call of Duty multiplayer.

Treyarch’s 3-lane map design, combined with a colorful aesthetic, made such maps a fan-favorite. While nearly every map in Black Ops 2 is considered great, maps like Standoff and Hijacked are still remembered fondly to this day.

This approach would also allow the studio to streamline development, eliminating the process of coming up with new maps for release, much like Sledgehammer Games’ approach with Modern Warfare 3.

Nonetheless, it appears Activision’s plans are not final, and the leaker suggests that this is subject to change. 

cod black ops 2

Treyarch has already brought back maps from Black Ops 2 on various occasions. Maps like Hijacked were remade for Black Ops 3, while others like Express were brought back for Black Ops Cold War.

Still, having all maps from the famous Call of Duty game would allow the studio to satisfy fans who have been asking for a Black Ops 2 remaster for many years.

Call of Duty’s latest entry, Modern Warfare 3, is gearing up for release on November 10. Fans will also be able to try the game in just under a month as Activision and Sledgehammer Games get ready for the open beta.

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