Starfield: Multiple Users Report Frequent Crashes on Xbox Series S|X

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Many Console Users Facing Issues!

Starfield has established itself as a massive success for Bethesda Game Studios. Following its full release, the game reached over 313K concurrent Steam players yesterday and currently stands at a peak of over 330K players.

It has also been showered with praise from fans and critics, but the game is far from perfect. It can suffer from poor performance on PC, struggling to run well on graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3060.

Latest reports highlight that Xbox Series S|X users are also facing a few issues, with multiple users claiming that Starfield frequently crashes on Xbox Series S|X.

Why it matters: Starfield was developed exclusively for the Xbox consoles, and it is also claimed to be Bethesda Game Studios’ most polished release, making it disappointing for some users that it can crash frequently.

Constantly crashing on xbox X
byu/alexevoo inStarfield

The Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful console on the market, but Starfield has not been a smooth ride for some users on the console.

A user on Reddit recently created a thread discussing the crashes on the most powerful Microsoft console, and the thread has attracted multiple other users claiming to have gone through similar experiences.

One user on the thread has reported that the game was unplayable from day one. Despite multiple attempts, the user was unable to fix the crashing problem. Similar reports have been made for the Xbox Series S.

Reddit user u/Blundification said:

“I’m on Xbox Series S and have been crashing every 2 hours.”

Many users have also reported problems like freezing in addition to crashes on Twitter.

While many platforms are filled with such reports, it remains to be seen if the issue is widespread. For now, Starfield appears to be a mostly smooth experience for the majority of players.

Still, such players will likely be disappointed that Bethesda Game Studios’ first new RPG in several years has not performed well for them. It is worth noting that the crashing seems to get better with cloud gaming.

While Starfield has been a massive success, such issues are dragging down an incredible sci-fi RPG. Over on PC, Intel GPU users have also faced issues, claiming that Bethesda support has been of little help.

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