Xbox Believed It Had The Better Console & Games After PS5 Was Revealed

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We Have A Better Product Than Sony - Phil Spencer

Internal Microsoft documents have recently revealed a lot of information, including potential Xbox exclusivity for The Elder Scrolls 6, its anticipated release window, Microsoft’s next console, and more.

One such leaked email comes from Phil Spencer’s initial thoughts on the PS5 reveal. The head of Xbox was filled with joy after Sony unveiled the PS5 and claimed that Microsoft had the better product.

Why it matters: PlayStation came into this generation as the market leader, carrying over its momentum from the last generation, which put extra pressure on Microsoft.

When Sony unveiled the specifications of the PS5 console. Microsoft declared the Xbox Series X the world’s most powerful console, but Sony’s games lineup gave Phil Spencer another reason to remain confident.

In an email to Satya Nadella, Phil Spencer said:

“We have a better product than Sony does, not just on hardware but equally important on software platform and services.”

Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft struggled for 7 years after starting at a disadvantage against the PS4, but after thoroughly looking at the PS5 reveal, he was proud of the Xbox team. The Head of Xbox further continued:

“This was a good day for Xbox.”

However, it appears that Phil Spencer severely underestimated the PS5, and the Xbox Series S|X failed to live up to his expectations during the early parts of their lifecycles.

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The PS5 has sold more than 40 million units compared to the Xbox Series X|S, which have sold more than 21 million. Phil Spencer also claimed that the massive gap between first-party titles for Xbox Series S|X in 2022 was a disaster.

While Xbox revealed big hitters like Halo Infinite for its new consoles, such games have not managed to live up to expectations. Big releases like Redfall have been a letdown in 2023, while Sony has steadily released sequels for its biggest IPs.

Additionally, the PS5 is currently selling faster than its predecessor in the US, while the Xbox Series S|X is trailing behind the Xbox One by 10%.

However, Xbox is expected to bounce back next year. This process has already begun with releases like Starfield, which contributed to major sales spikes for the consoles across different parts of the world.

Several games announced by Microsoft in 2020 are also further along in development, hinting at a nearing release in the coming years. This should ensure the gaming giant can keep up with its rivals in the industry.

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