Xbox Series S|X Sales 10% Behind Xbox One In US After Similar Time Period

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PS5 Sales Are 5% Higher Than PS4!

The Xbox Series S|X and PS5 launched alongside each other in 2023. Following the momentum from the last generation, PlayStation continued to perform well on the market, staying in the lead against Xbox.

A new report issued by Circana has revealed that Xbox Series S|X sales in the US are 10% behind the sales of Xbox One in a similar time period.

Why it matters: The Xbox One generation was not considered very successful for Microsoft, and the gaming giant offered the cheaper Xbox Series S to ensure this mistake was not repeated.

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Xbox One has sold more than 58 million consoles in its lifetime. Microsoft is expected to sell a similar number of consoles this generation, but the report shows a massive 10% difference between the two for now.

The report also reveals that PS5 sales in the US are 5% higher than its predecessor, the PS4, in a time-aligned period. While the difference is not that high, the PS5 has recently recovered from several months of shortage.

The Xbox Series S|X is still ahead of the Xbox 360 sales by 6% in a time-aligned period, and upcoming releases like Starfield and Forza Motorsport might be the turning point that Microsoft needs.

The console recently saw a massive sales boost on Amazon, and critically acclaimed titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 are also headed to Xbox Series S|X in 2023.

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Looking ahead, Microsoft has already claimed that Starfield is just the beginning of a long plan to enhance the Xbox ecosystem. Measures like the release of four first-party titles each year will further ensure renewed interest in the consoles each year.

It should also be noted that Microsoft no longer considers console sales the only benchmark of success.

The gaming giant is focused on growing the Xbox ecosystem as a whole, and this includes consoles, PC users, and Game Pass subscribers. Therefore, the current sales figures should not be too alarming for Microsoft.

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