Lords of the Fallen: 1 Hour of New Gameplay Leaked Online

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Showcases First Hour of The Game!

Gameplay leaks days before the launch have certainly become a trend nowadays. As such, nearly an hour’s worth of gameplay of Lords of the Fallen has been leaked, giving players an in-depth look into the game.

It appears that the leaker was able to play the souls-like during Gamescom 2023. Therefore, it should be noted that this is not the final version of the game, and the final product may differ.

Why it matters: Lords of the Fallen is the latest addition to the souls-like genre. The gameplay leak provides the latest look at an anticipated addition to the genre.

YouTube video

The leaker begins a new game, showcasing just under an hour of gameplay from the beginning of Lords of the Fallen, including the opening cutscene.

Right off the bat, the leak highlights a deep character customization menu with different classes to choose from. From a long-range archer to a close-combat berserker, there seems to be something for everyone.

The leaker also shows off the first two boss fights in the game, providing a new look at the combat mechanics. This iteration of souls-like combat appears smooth and challenging, as expected from a game inspired by FromSoftware.

There are two realms for players to explore in Lords of the Fallen, as shown in the video. Axiom, a living realm, showcases the vibrant imagination behind this dark fantasy epic.

Players traverse harsh gothic landscapes with the ultimate aim of defeating Adyr, the formidable Demon God. Every corner of Axiom oozes an ominous atmosphere, launching players into a world filled with dangerous challenges.

Lords of the Fallen

However, Axiom is not the sole battleground. In Lords of the Fallen, players must also venture into Umbral, the realm of the dead. This dark realm offers even tougher trials, requiring skill and strategy from those daring enough to venture here.

In Axiom, death does not mark the ultimate conclusion. When a player meets their end, they find themselves in Umbral, where they are given one last shot at defying the odds.

This revival, though it grants a shot at redemption, should not be underestimated, given Umbral’s reputation for formidable challenges.

Lords of the Fallen utilizes the power of Unreal Engine 5, so the game looks visually fantastic, as showcased in the leak. The cinematics are stunning and add to the overall intrigue of the lore.

In terms of gameplay length, it offers about 30 hours worth of content. The game will have several different endings, providing players with the opportunity to replay and experience different outcomes.

Launching this October on all major consoles and PC, Lords of the Fallen offers an immersive experience for players who crave a mix of captivating storytelling and intense souls-like battles.

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