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deepcool castle 240ex review

Deepcool Castle 240ex Review

Deepcool has sent us for Deepcool Castle 240EX Review. This cooler is yet another product under their popular gaming brand GamerStorm. Its radiator is...
aigo fan review

Aigo RGB 120mm A-Series Fans Review

The Aigo RGB 120mm A-Series Fans offer a balanced combination of performance and subtlety with customizable RGB lighting. The unique design, featuring a 7mm thick translucent ring, adds a distinctive aesthetic to your setup. However, the absence of a PWM interface may be a drawback for users seeking precise fan speed control.
NB BlackSilentFan XL-P Review

NB BlackSilentFan XL-P Review: An Iconic Fan

The NB BlackSilentFan XL-P is a budget-friendly, German-designed 120mm fan from the renowned IT series, emphasizing silent operation and strong performance with UV Active blades. Ideal for users seeking reliability and quiet operation without RGB lighting.
igame gtx 1050 ti review

iGame GTX 1050 Ti Review

I will be looking at iGame GTX 1050 Ti Review which is their highest end offer in the line of the GTX 1050Ti. This is...
orico 2189u3 review

ORICO 2189U3 Review: Secure Your Data In Style

The Orico 2189U3 is a USB 3.0 external enclosure designed for 2.5" SATA-based SSD/HDD, providing a tool-less assembly and compatibility with drives up to 2TB. It offers a sleek design, ease of use, and safety features.
patriot viper ram review

Patriot Viper USB 3.1 Memory Review [Benchmarks Included]

The Patriot Viper USB series boasts exceptional read speeds, perfect for gamers and users needing quick access to large files. With USB 3.1 Gen 1 technology and capacities up to 256GB, it suits those seeking ample storage.
enermax tb rgb review

Enermax TB RGB Review [Benchmarks, Unboxing, Verdict]

The Enermax TB RGB fans are an excellent choice for users seeking high-performance RGB fans with a visually striking halo arc effect. They offer vibrant and even RGB lighting, versatile control options, and compatibility with leading motherboard lighting systems.
nvidia geforce gt 730 graphics review

Gigabyte GT 730 Review [Benchmarks + Unboxing]

The Gigabyte GT 730 is a budget-friendly media accelerator graphics card, ideal for users prioritizing multimedia and modest gaming performance. While unsuitable for high-resolution gaming, it offers enhanced capabilities over integrated options.
NoiseBlocker NB-BlackSilentPro PL-PS Fans Review

BlackSilentPro PL PS Fans Review: Worth It?

The BlackSilentPro PL PS Fans are meticulously designed German-engineered IT fans crafted for silent operations and optimal performance. With a focus on delivering a quiet computing experience, these fans strike a balance between performance and value.

ORICO Hub and Holder Review: Desk Organization Reimagined

ORICO's AMS1 phone/tablet stand and SHC-U3 4-port USB 3.0 hub offer sleek and stylish solutions for comfortable device viewing and efficient connectivity. The AMS1 provides a fixed 60° viewing angle with a CNC-machined aluminum finish, while the SHC-U3 is a USB hub with a stand, available in white and black.
noiseblocker nb eloop review

Blacknoise NB-eLoop B12-PS & B12-P Bionic Loop Fans Review

The Noiseblocker NB Eloop stands out as an iF Product Design Award-winning fan, featuring a revolutionary bionic rotor design to address traditional fan noise issues. Catering to PC enthusiasts and gamers, it offers an excellent balance of performance and energy efficiency. The modular and sleek design makes it suitable for various setups, though it might not appeal to users on a budget or those seeking RGB lighting options.
aerocool orbit rc Fans review

Aerocool Orbit RC Fans Review

The Aerocool Orbit RC A-LED RGB Fans are a stylish and high-performing addition to the gaming market. With a dual-ring design, effective airflow, and silent operation, these 120mm fans offer a vibrant RGB experience. Suitable for users prioritizing aesthetics, efficient cooling, and a quiet setup, they may not be ideal for those requiring PWM functionality.