Nokia is no stranger to anybody familiar with the world of phones. They were considered revolutionary in the market for several years. However, with the boom of modern smartphones, Nokia lost much of its reputation. While their smartphones were by no means bad, Apple and Google took the whole market by storm. Since then, Nokia is considered one of the many brands that lost their touch with the industry. 

Nokia Relaunched Various Germany Phone
Nokia X10

However, Nokia would go on to make changes to adapt to the market in the coming years. The company is now owned by HMD Global and focuses on creating phones that offer a stock Android experience. Despite the ever popular stock Android approach, their phones have seen lukewarm reception over the last few years. Even with these hurdles, Nokia is still trying to find its footing with the smartphone giants of today.

In February, Nokia was forced to remove many phones from the market due to a dispute over voice codecs in Voice over LTE applications. A lawsuit was filed by VoiceAgeEVS LLC after which HMD Global was forced to withdraw many Nokia phones from several markets. However, HMD Global was still persistent and said that they wanted to return to the markets as soon as possible. 

It seems like HMD Global have successfully accomplished their goals. Towards the end of February they disabled “Enhanced Voice Services” support in Germany and also made an appeal against the lawsuit. Months later, Nokia has stealthily relaunched many of their phones in the German Market.

Nokia Relaunched Germayn
Image from Nokia store provided by Caschy’s Blog

Phones like the Nokia XR20 and X10 have been listed on Nokia’s website and are classified as new versions of the devices. This is perhaps pointing to the fact that Nokia has made changes to the software to avoid the lawsuit allegations. It should still be noted that the company hasn’t come out with an official statement regarding the scenario.

While Nokia may not be the dominant force it used to be, they still produce all kinds of different phones. From budget to flagship tier phones, Nokia has all the market segments covered. Many have appreciated their choice to stick to a clean Android UI however their software could be better. A lot of Nokia phones have weird software quirks that one would not expect from an experienced manufacturer. Nonetheless, the company has shown no signs of stopping and this recent incident goes to show their determination to once again break into the market.

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