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Osu! Can’t Find Intel Graphics [FIXED]

Learn how to resolve Osu Can't Find Intel Graphics Error using updating the graphics drivers, tweaking configuration settings, and updating Windows.

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Osu Can’t Find Intel Graphics is a jarring error many Intel users face. Osu!, a well-known rhythm-based music game, delivers a challenging and entertaining gaming experience. Outdated drivers and corrupt system files are the primary causes of this error. It prevents the gamer from playing and messes up the overall experience. We have highlighted some essential solutions to this error.

Key Takeaways
  • Outdated system files and drivers can cause this error to occur.
  • Since very few people play this game on Intel Graphics, this problem is rare.
  • Some standard solutions include updating the graphics drivers, tweaking configuration settings, and updating Windows.

The prompted error message is as follows:

Osu Can't Find The Intel Graphics
Osu Can’t Find The Intel Graphics – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
OpenGL ES Error: Can’t find the Intel graphics.

Method Difficulty Rating

Update Driver
Rated: 7/10
Graphics Settings
Rated: 6/10
Update Windows
Rated: 5/10
Config Files
Rated: 6/10
Reinstall Osu!
Rated: 7/10

Update Graphics Drivers:

The graphics card drivers allow the operating system and software to utilize the graphics card hardware. However, outdated graphics drivers can cause several issues, including the error: “Osu Can’t find intel graphics” when applications need the processing power of the graphics hardware. 

Therefore, you should update these drivers to get the best performance from your system while eliminating the error at hand. After our update was completed, the error was eliminated for us. A member at Intel Forums was facing the same issue. Hence, they updated their Intel Graphics Drivers to resolve the error. Follow along the steps below:

  1. Open Device Manager: Click on Search > Type device > Click on Device Manager.
    Searching device manager in search
    Device Manager Search – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Locate Intel Graphics Driver: Double-click on Display adapters > Right-click on your Intel driver > Click Update Driver.
    updating intel graphics drivers from device manager
    Device Manager – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Update Driver: Click Search Automatically for Drivers > Let it install any updates.
    automatically searching for updates to resolve Osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Update Driver – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Configure All Power Settings:

Every system has a collection of settings the manufacturers provide, adjustable to the user’s desires. Thus, incorrect settings can also cause the “Osu Can’t find Intel Graphics” error. Power Options and the Intel Command Center hold all key options to tweak power settings to increase performance.

Therefore, upon our encounter, implementing the best settings for our Intel graphics driver resolved this problem for us. Carry out the instructions provided:

  1. Opening Intel Command Center: Click on Search > Type intel graphics > Open Intel Graphics Command Center.
    Searching for Intel Graphics Command Center In Windows Search
    Intel Command Center Search – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
  2. Changing Graphics Settings: Click on System tab > Click on Power section > Turn Off Display Power Savings.
    Disabling power saver settings to resolve the osu cant find intel graphics error
    Intel Power Settings – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
  3. Opening Command Prompt: Click on Search > Type cmd > Run as Administrator.
    Searching for Command prompt and opening as administrator
    Command Prompt Search – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
  4. Enabling Ultimate Performance: Run the following command:
    powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
    running the ultimate performance command
    Command Prompt – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
  5. Opening Power Settings: Click on Search > Type power plan > Click on Choose a power plan.
    Searching for power plan in the windows search
    Power Plan Search – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
  6. Selecting Ultimate Performance: Select Ultimate Performance Plan.
    selecting ultimate performance from the power plans to eliminate the osu cant find intel graphics error
    Power Plan – Image Credits[Tech4Gamers]
WARNING: Enabling high-performance settings for your system will enhance performance, but will degrade battery time.

Windows Updates:

Frequently, Microsoft brings over a new set of updates, including recent security patches, driver updates, and bug fixes. Running Windows Updates not only enhances performance but also resolves any errors on the system, including the “Osu! Can’t find Intel Graphics” error.

We at Tech4Gamers encountered a similar graphics issue. Conducting Windows Updates resolved that error for us. To run Windows Updates:

  1. Opening Updates: Click on Search > Type updates > Click on Check for Updates.
    searching update to open windows updates
    Check For Updates – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Updating: Click Check for Updates > Let it install any updates.
    checking and installing any updates to resolve osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Windows Updates – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
Important: Be sure to reboot your PC to complete Update Installation.

Tweak Configuration Files:

Tweaking configuration files of software can force the software to follow a specific setting. You may have compatibility issues if you face the “Osu Can’t find Intel Graphics” error. Thus, changing some settings in Osu’s configuration files should resolve this problem.

After encountering the error ourselves, we attempted the solution the support team recommended on the official Osu Forums, which effectively resolved our issue. Moreover, several users implemented this solution to fix this error successfully. Follow the steps below to resolve the error:

  1. Opening Config File: Open Windows Explorer > Navigate to your Osu! directory > Open “osu!.yourpcname.cfg” with Notepad.
    locating the osu text config file to change settings
    Windows Explorer – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Tweaking the first setting: Press Ctrl + F > Type “CompatibilityContext” > Click Find Next > Change its value to 0.
    Changing compatibility context to eliminate osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Config File – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Tweaking the second setting: Press Ctrl + F > Type “CanForceOptimusCompatibility” > Click Find Next > Change its value to 0.
    changing can force optimus compatibility setting to resolve osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Config File – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Reinstall Osu!

The graphics drivers may not be causing the problem; it might be the game’s core files. If all else fails, you can always reinstall “Osu!”. Reinstalling will ensure your game is 100% fresh and up-to-date with the latest patches and bug fixes.

A team member followed this method, and we can confirm that it resolved their problem. Here’s how you can perform this method:

  1. Opening Control Panel: Click Search > Type control > Open Control Panel.
    searching control panel in search bar
    Control Panel Search – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Programs and Features: Open Programs and Features.
    navigating to programs and features in control panel
    Programs and Features – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Uninstall Osu!: Click on “osu!” > Hit Uninstall > Follow any prompts.
    uninstalling osu game to reinstall new version to eliminate osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Osu! Uninstall – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Downloading Osu!: Open your browser > Search Osu > Go to Osu’s website > Click Download Now > Click Download Osu!
    downloading new osu! game from google
    Download Osu! – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  5. Installing Osu!: Open Osu! installer > Install Osu!.
    installing osu! to eliminate the osu! cant find intel graphics error
    Osu! Install – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]


Outdated Drivers or corrupt game files are the primary causes of the “Osu! Can’t find Intel Graphics” error. It is affecting many passionate gamers who tend to play on laptops, where most Intel Graphics are found. We have also observed users complaining on X about this error.

As per our testing, we can confirm that this error is frustrating to encounter. However, the solutions we listed above are plentiful to eliminate this error as we have tested them ourselves as well. The solutions are easy-to-follow and well-detailed for you.


Why is the Osu unable to find Intel graphics?

This problem has several causes, such as outdated graphics drivers, incorrect graphics settings, and corrupt system files.

How to fix this error?

Try updating the graphics drivers, updating Windows, changing some config settings or reinstalling the game entirely to resolve this error.

Will this error affect my gameplay experience?

Yes as this error prevents the player from launching the game. However, the methods provided above will eliminate this error once and for all.

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