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Fixed: Nvidia Display Driver Failed To Start

Learn how to fix the issue by updating the GPU drivers, restoring your PC, and more.

“Display Driver Failed To Start” is a display error that appears on a Windows PC when the graphics card driver malfunctions. It may lead to screen blackouts, game crashes, or distorted visuals on your computer. Luckily, there are various ways to sort out the error, such as reinserting the graphics card and updating the display drivers.

Key Takeaways

  • The display driver error indicates some problem with the Nvidia graphics card driver or the graphics card. 
  • It may fail to start due to technical abnormalities, malware attacks, or using outdated Windows or driver versions on your PC. 
  • You can fix the error by restarting or updating the Nvidia graphics card driver, performing SFC and DISM scans, and reinserting the Nvidia graphics card into its slot.

What Causes The Display Driver Failed To Start Error?

There are innumerable causes behind the error, such as using older versions of Windows on your computer. In addition, the graphics card driver may not work if it is not up-to-date with the latest versions. Faults may occur during the installation of system updates, hence causing trouble with the driver.

Besides these, conflicting software programs, malware, and viruses may also stop the display driver from starting. Another reason for this issue could be the overheating of the Nvidia graphics card, which may happen if your computer does not have adequate ventilation.

How To Fix Display Driver Failed To Start Error?

For starters, you can restart your PC or the Nvidia graphics card driver from the Device Manager to try and eliminate the problem. Also, read how we solved the Intel Chipset Device Software Failed error.

Restart Your PC

Restarting the PC is the first step to resolving the Nvidia display driver error. It erases bugs and incorrect cache data in the system, possibly causing this error. Hence, restart the PC from the Start menu. 

Restart PC
Restart PC – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Restart Graphics Card Driver

The graphics card driver may develop temporary glitches or bugs that disrupt its functioning. Hence, restarting will refresh the driver and remove any corrupt data within it.

  1. Right-click on the “Windows” symbol on the “Taskbar.”
    Start Menu
    Start Menu – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Select “Device Manager” from the menu.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Device Manager – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Navigate to and expand “Display Adapters.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Display Adapters – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Right-click on the “Nvidia Display Driver.”
  5. “Disable” the driver from the sub-menu.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Disable – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  6. Wait for a minute and “Enable” it. This will restart the graphics card driver on your PC.

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Update The Nvidia Display Driver

Using older versions of the display driver can cause frequent game crashes, screen freezes, and other graphics-related issues on your computer. Update the driver from the official Nvidia website using these steps. 

  1. Head to
  2. Select your Nvidia Graphics Card Series and Product Type. Make sure to enter the correct information in all boxes.
  3. Hit the “Search” button.
    Search Updates – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. If an update is available for your graphics card, you will see a “Download” button and additional information about the update on your screen. 
  5. Download the driver on your PC.
    Download – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  6. Once downloaded, go to “Device Manager” and right-click on “Nvidia Display Driver.”
  7. Select “Update Driver.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Update Driver – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  8. Pick “Browse My Computer For Drivers.”
    Browse Computer – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  9. Click “Let Me Pick From A List Of Available Drivers On My Computer.”
    Pick From List
    Pick From List – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  10. The computer will look for the installed file. Select it from the results and press “Next.”
    Select File
    Select File – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  11. The Windows will begin “Updating The Driver.”

Use Hardware And Devices Troubleshooter

Hardware And Devices Troubleshooter is a built-in tool that lets your system detect and fix ongoing troubles with your hardware devices, like the Nvidia graphics card driver.

  1. From the “Update And Security” window, navigate to “Troubleshoot.”
  2. Press “Additional Troubleshooters.”
    Additional Troubleshooters
    Additional Troubleshooters – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Find “Hardware And Devices.”
  4. Press “Run The Troubleshooter.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Hardware And Devices – Image Credits [TechCult]


The System File Checker (SFC) searches for corrupt or missing files and repairs them with the correct version. Meanwhile, Deployment Image Servicing And Management (DISM) can solve problems with the Windows update or installation.

Running these checks rules out any glitches or errors on your computer that may affect the graphic card driver’s operation, and can help with fixing the display driver failed to start error. 

  1. Type “cmd” in the “Search Bar” and launch the “Command Prompt in Administrator Mode.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Command Prompt – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Execute the command “sfc/scannow.”
  3. Wait for the scanning to complete.
  4. Then, enter “dism/online/cleanup-image /checkhealth and press Enter.”
  5. Next, proceed with the code “dism/online/cleanup-image /scanhealth.”
  6. Lastly, run “dism/online/cleanup-image /restorehealth.”

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Resort To The Previous Driver Version

It is possible to use the previous driver version on your PC and undo any faulty updates. However, this fix applies only if you have recently updated your Windows. 

  1. Double-click the “Nvidia Display Driver” from the “Device Manager” screen.
  2. You will see a pop-up.
  3. Go to the “Driver” tab and click “Roll Back Driver.” The driver will roll back to the previously installed version.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Roll Back Driver – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Reinstall Display Driver

You can uninstall the current Nvidia display driver from your PC and reinstall a newer version from the manufacturer’s website. Uninstall the Nvidia display driver from the Device Manager window and Download it from the Nvidia website using “Steps 1-5” from “Fix 3:Update The Nvidia Display Driver.”

Switch The Computer’s Power Supply

Power supply fluctuations can also affect your computer’s display driver. In fact, a user posted on Microsoft Community that they fixed this error by plugging the PC into a different power socket. So, change the power source of your PC and see if the problem is gone.

Scan For Malware And Viruses

The presence of malware and viruses can hinder the computer’s usual working in many ways, including tempering with the graphics card driver. Therefore, scan your PC with Microsoft Offline Defender or reputable third-party antivirus software programs like McAfee and Avast.

  1. Go to the PC “Settings” page from the “Start” menu.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Settings – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Click on “Update And Security.”
    Update And Security
    Update And Security – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Navigate to the “Windows Security” section and select “Virus And Threat Protection.”
    Virus And Threat Protection
    Virus And Threat Protection – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. From the new window, go to “Scan Options.” You can find it under the heading “Current Threats.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Scan Options – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  5. Mark “Microsoft Defender Offline Scan” and hit “Scan Now.” The system will initiate scanning for malware and viruses.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Microsoft Defender Offline Scan – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

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Update Your PC

Outdated or old versions of Windows may not support the latest changes available for the graphics card driver. Therefore, keeping your PC up-to-date with the most recent updates is necessary to maintain its hassle-free performance. Besides, read our extensive guide on How To Update Windows, which covers all the currently available Windows versions.

  1. Select “Update And Security” from “Settings.”
    Update And Security
    Update And Security – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Head to the “Windows Update” page and press “Check For Updates.”
    Windows Update
    Windows Update – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. The PC will look for available updates for your Windows.
  4. “Download And Install” the updates if prompted.
    Download And Install
    Download And Install – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Optimize Your Computer For The Best Performance

You can adjust the PC for the best performance to enhance its Graphical User Interface (GUI) by turning off unnecessary visual effects. The computer will disable animations and other attractive visuals to make it operate more smoothly.

  1. Head to “This PC” from the “Desktop.”
    This PC
    This PC – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Right-click anywhere on the screen to access the mini-menu. Select “Properties.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Properties – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. It will take you to another screen. Click on “Advanced System Settings.”
    Advanced System Settings
    Advanced System Settings – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  5. Press the “Settings” button in the “Performance” section
    Settings – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  6. On the “Visual Effects” section, select “Adjust For Best Performance.”
  7. Click on “Apply” then “OK” to save the changes.
    Best Performance
    Best Performance – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Perform A System Restore

Doing a system restore will undo the latest changes made to your system, including software installations or modifications in system settings, and restore it to the previous state. Hence, save a backup of essential data in an external storage device you want to keep after the process.

On the other hand, the PC will need a restore point to go back to. So, this solution only applies if you already created a system restore point before making significant changes to your computer.

  1. Write “System Restore” in the “Search” box and click “Create A System Restore” from the results.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    System Restore – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Choose the “System Protection” tab and hit the “System Restore” button.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    System Restore – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Pick “Next.”
    Next – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Highlight a “Restore Point” and click “Next.”
    Restore Point
    Restore Point – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  5. Press “Finish” to start the process.

Look For Graphic Card Issues

Problems with the Nvidia graphics card can also lead to display driver troubles on your PC. Open the PC and check if the graphics card is overheating. If yes, remove the card from the case and let it sit for about 10 minutes before reinserting it. Make sure you place the card correctly into its case.

Reinstall Your Operating System

Reinstalling Windows may become necessary if all the quick fixes above do not solve your issue. Remember to back up your computer’s data to an external storage device before the reinstallation. Additionally, our team used the same fix for the error: Unable To Recover Your PC, System Drive Too Small.

Download Installation Media

  1. Get the correct Windows Installation Media tool for your Windows version by clicking “Download Now.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Download Now – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  2. Prepare an empty USB with a minimum of 8GB storage and plug it into your PC.
  3. Launch the “Installation Media Tool” once downloaded.
  4. You will see a dialog box. Select “Create Installation Media (USB Flash Drive, DVD, Or ISO File) For Another PC.”
  5. Pick “Next.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Create Media – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  6. Mark the box beside “Use Recommended Options For This PC” and hit “Next.”
    Recommended Options
    Recommended Options – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  7. Select the connected flash drive and click “Next.”
    Select USB
    Select USB – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  8. Mark the “USB Flash Drive” option and go with “Next.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    USB Flash Drive – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  9. The PC will start “Downloading Windows.” Wait for it to complete.
    Downloading Windows
    Downloading Windows – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  10. Hit “Finish.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Finish – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

Install Windows

  1. Plug this USB into the PC, which needs Windows installation.
  2. Select “Next.”
    Next – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  3. Click on the “Install Now” button.
    Install Now
    Install Now – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  4. Agree with the terms and conditions and press “Next.”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Accept Terms – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  5. Go with “Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced).”
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Custom Install – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  6. Pick the “Target Disk” and “Format” it.
  7. Press “OK.”
    Format – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  8. Again, hit “Install Now” to proceed with the installation.
    Install Now
    Install Now – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]
  9. Highlight the disk where you want to install the Windows and hit “Next.”
  10. You will see an “Installing Windows” box.
    Display Driver Failed To Start Nvidia
    Installing Windows – Image Credits [Tech4Gamers]

What To Do If None Of The Solutions Work?

If none of those mentioned above fixes resolves the error, you can suspect the issue lies within your Nvidia graphics card. Unfortunately, you will have to replace the card with a newer one or take the system to a technical expert so they can seek the underlying trouble.

Final Words

You can use these fixes when facing “Display Driver Failed To Start” on the Nvidia graphics card. On a side note, create a system restore point whenever you make any changes to the PC. This way, you can take your PC one step backward if it malfunctions after the modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Display Driver Failed To Start Error?

The error appears when the graphics card driver fails to function properly due to incorrect placement or technical faults.

How Can I Fix Display Driver Error?

You can restart the graphics card driver, update the driver from Nvidia’s website, and run SFC and DISM scans to resolve the issue.

How Can I Prevent This Error On My Computer?

Regularly update your graphics card driver, use the latest version of Windows, and frequently run antivirus scans to avoid this error.

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