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How To Fix Nvidia Container High Disk Usage?

In this guide, learn how the issue can be fixed by updating drivers, reinstalling the GeForce Experience app, and more.

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NVIDIA Container is a background process designed by NVIDIA for running GPU-accelerated applications. The NVIDIA Container toolkit enables running GPU-accelerated applications in containers, utilizing Docker images as the base environment. However, large Docker images used by applications can consume significant disk space. Other causes of NVIDIA Container’s high disk usage include outdated or corrupt drivers, large datasets, and background gaming processes.

Key Takeaways
  • The NVIDIA Container using high disk usage error means you have used all the available memory on your computer. 
  • It may occur due to outdated drivers, malware, and corrupt GeForce Experience files. 
  • Fix this by updating the NVIDIA graphics driver, restarting NVIDIA Services, and uninstalling GeForce Experience. 
  • Power cycle the PC, reinstall/update NVIDIA graphics drivers, and scan for malware and viruses before proceeding with other fixes.

Method Difficulty Rating

Uninstall GeForce Experience
Rated: 2/10

Disable NVIDIA Telemetry
Rated: 2/10

Turn Off Features
Rated: 3/10

DISCLAIMER: This issue has been officially addressed by NVIDIA and resolved in Version 471.96. However, resort to these solutions if you are still experiencing high disk usage.

Uninstalling GeForce Experience 

A faulty or corrupt data within the GeForce Experience application can also temper with the NVIDIA sub-process, like NVIDIA Container. To solve this, you can uninstall the GeForce Experience and inspect the disk usage.

  1. Enter Run Code: Open the Run prompt with Windows + R > Type appwiz. cpl > Enter.
  2. Uninstall GeForce: In Programs and Features, click on the NVIDIA GeForce Experience > Uninstall. 
    Remove NVIDIA GeForce Experience
    Remove NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  3. Reboot PC: After the uninstallation, restart your computer.

The same fix was mentioned in NVIDIA Forums when NVIDIA Container was causing 100% disk usage on a user’s PC.

Disabling NVIDIA Telemetry Service

NVIDIA Telemetry Service is responsible for sending bugs and crash reports to NVIDIA’s official server. This error can be fixed by disabling this service as it resolves corrupt data or glitches in its operation. Additionally, this simple technique eliminated the issue on my end and for users on Ten Forums

  1. Open Services: In the Run prompt, execute services. msc.
  2. Get To Properties: Scroll down to NVIDIA Telemetry Container service > Right click > Properties. 
    View NVIDIA Telemetry Properties
    View NVIDIA Telemetry Properties (Image By Driver Talent)
  3. Stop Service: Press the Stop button > Set the Startup Type to Disabled > Apply > OK.
    Stop Telemetry Service
    Stop Telemetry Service (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Disable In-Game Overlay And Instant Replay

The in-game overlay feature from NVIDIA GeForce Experience helps record game plays and access GPU internals without minimizing the game. Moreover, NVIDIA GeForce Experience Instant Replay allows you to instantly record a clip of your gameplay by pressing a shortcut key.

While these features are enabled by default, they may add extra load to your computer if you’re using a low-end PC. Therefore, disable the extra features to avoid maximum disk usage.  

  1. Launch GeForce: Open GeForce Experience from the search menu. 
  2. Access Settings: Press the gear icon in the top-right corner > Head to the General section. 
  3. Disable Overlay: Turn off In-Game Overlay via the toggle button. 
    Turn Off In-Game Overlay
    Turn Off In-Game Overlay (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  4. Turn Off Instant Replay: Return to General > Instant Replay > Turn Off.
    Turn Off Instant Replay
    Turn Off Instant Replay (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Final Thoughts

The error was common among NVIDIA users as I encountered complaints on multiple online forums, like NVIDIA Forums and Reddit, where they mentioned experiencing the same problem.

‘nVidia Container’ causing mad hard drive usage.
byu/nakquada innvidia

NVIDIA addressed the concern and the developers fixed this bug in the newer update, Version 471.96. While the problem is officially resolved, it might rarely come up for some users. In that case, the above solutions should work to fix the NVIDIA Container’s high disk usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Disable NVIDIA Container?

NVIDIA Container is a process mainly used in GPU-accelerated applications, so it shouldn’t be disabled unless it’s causing an issue.

Can NVIDIA Container Drive High CPU Usage?

Yes, NVIDIA containers can also cause high CPU usage, and some of the methods above can help you fix the issue.

Why Is NVIDIA Container Using So Much CPU?

GeForce features like Instant Replay, Game Recording, and sharing snippets can put extra pressure on the CPU.

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