Nintendo Switch 2 Demo Reportedly Showed 4K60FPS Gameplay With DLSS

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Runs Zelda: Breath of the Wild At 4K 60FPS!

The Nintendo Switch has shown no signs of stopping after selling around 130 million units, but Nintendo is almost ready to move on. Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 have begun to pick up the pace, revealing key information about the upcoming console. 

Previously, multiple sources claimed the Nintendo Switch 2 was shown to select people at Gamescom 2023. Following these reports, another insider has elaborated on the rumors from a few days ago.

The latest leak points to the console’s upscaling capabilities, hinting that the Nintendo Switch 2 was able to run Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 4K/60FPS with DLSS upscaling.

Why it matters: This would be a massive step up for Nintendo as the current console can often struggle to even reach 1080p resolution in more intensive games.

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This leak comes from NateTheHate, who earned a reputation for being an accurate insider of Nintendo information.

He corroborated the recent leak about Nintendo’s hardware being present at Gamescom 2023 and claimed that the hardware was able to run Zelda: Breath of the Wild without any loading.

The leaker also suggested that DLSS upscaling allowed Nintendo to achieve 4K/60FPS for the impressive Nintendo Switch launch title. Unfortunately, he did not clarify the internal resolution of the game before the upscaling.

While the previous rumors claimed Nintendo showed the Matrix Unreal Engine 5 demo on the console, the latest information adds more details about the ray tracing capabilities.

Nintendo Switch

The leaker claims Nintendo Switch 2 has the potential for superior ray tracing than the Xbox Series S|X and PS5, likely due to the Nvidia hardware, which may be superior to first-gen AMD ray tracing found in RDNA2 graphics cards.

More information about the console is inevitable in the coming months, as Nintendo is expected to release the hardware in the latter half of 2024.

Recent leaks have already added to the excitement surrounding the hybrid console, with Nintendo potentially moving the handheld market forward again like it did back in 2017.

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