Alan Wake 2 Makes Me More Excited For Max Payne Remakes

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Max Payne Remakes Better Live Up To The Hype!

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  • Alan Wake 2 had a solid impact on me last year due to its detailed horror environments, great gameplay, and solid storytelling.
  • These factors have made me excited as well as highly optimistic about the Max Payne remakes.
  • I believe Remedy will bring a similar focus to the remakes and revive this franchise.

Alan Wake 2 was my Game of The Year in 2023 for obvious reasons. While it may not have won this honor at The Game Awards 2023, it took home the best narrative award, and rightfully so.

I would go as far as to admit that for me, Alan Wake 2 had the best storytelling among all the games I have played, and believe me, I have played tons of games. In my opinion, this title raised the bar for horror games.

However, what it also did was raise my expectations for Remedy’s future projects. The combination of meticulously crafted environments, glorious ray-traced visuals, and weighty methodical gameplay kept me going with barely any moment of boredom.

Remedy’s storytelling skills were on full display in Alan Wake 2, and this release has served to heighten my excitement for the Max Payne remakes.

Why it matters: Alan Wake 2 managed to surpass my expectations by a mile, so I am expecting the Max Payne remakes to do the same.

Alan Wake 2 Jumpscares
Alan Wake Returned After A Decade Last Year

Alan Wake 2 & Its Next-Gen Graphics

Remedy’s Northlight engine is a technical marvel in my book. Before release, the studio was confident Alan Wake 2 would end up among 2023’s best-looking games, and this comment was spot on.

The detailed character models, accurately lit environments, and impressive animation work made Alan Wake 2 a joy to play from start to finish. There was no shortage of good-looking games last year, yet Remedy’s release stood tall above the rest for me.

With the same technology powering Max Payne, I remain confident that another visual masterpiece is being worked on. Apart from the technology itself, the developers deserve credit for their art direction.

Each part of Alan Wake 2 is like a well-crafted piece of a larger puzzle. Remedy even combined live-action scenes for another artistic touch to enhance the game’s overall presentation.

Alan Wake 2 is the first game in a long time that truly looks next gen, the lighting looks so incredibly natural. Maxed out graphics with path tracing enabled.
byu/KobraKay87 inpcmasterrace


This meant that while Alan Wake 2 was created on a limited budget of around €70 million, the results rivaled productions with much higher costs. A solid art direction will be even more important for Max Payne, but I fully trust Remedy.

As part of the neo-noir genre, the original games made very deliberate choices in their storytelling and visuals. From narration through comic panels to a rendition of New York oozing with atmosphere, each choice contributed to the IP’s visual identity.

Max Payne Remake Rockstar Remedy
Remedy Is Likely To Exceed Expectations With Max Payne Remakes

Why Max Payne Remakes Will Live Up To The Hype

I have been a fan of Max Payne for as long as I can remember, so the remakes’ announcement in 2022 was a dream come true. Despite my bias toward Remedy’s work, I even enjoyed Rockstar’s rendition of the third game.

Following Alan Wake 2, my trust in Remedy has gone up, and the team has already shown multiple green flags for these remakes. For starters, Remedy is bundling the two games in a single package, offering much more value than I initially expected.

The remakes also have a sizable budget, thanks to Rockstar. I’m hoping the team uses its latest experience to further expand on this IP’s thematic horror, possibly incorporating a few jump scares along the way.

This was one of my favorite parts of Alan Wake 2. Control features similar elements, so it only makes sense for Remedy to sprinkle these themes across the upcoming remakes.

Max Payne’s comeback has long been overdue. As the remakes approach production later this year, I can’t contain my excitement for what could be the best remakes of this generation.

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