Bioshock Creator’s Judas Receiving Excellent First Impressions

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It's Basically An Unofficial Bioshock 4!

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  • Judas has received new previews after hands-on time from the media.
  • It has been noted that the game is similar to Bioshock in all the right ways.
  • The game appears to be a few years away from its release.

Judas was announced nearly two years ago during the Game Awards in 2022 by Bioshock creator Kevin Levine. This game has always had an air of mystery similar to Bioshock, but much was known about it until recently.

Following the latest trailer at last year’s Game Awards, select media personalities were invited to play Judas for 4-5 hours, and the early previews are excellent.

Why it matters: While fans are still waiting for the next entry in Bioshock, Judas is shaping up to be an excellent alternative.

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Geoff Keighly was also invited to try the game, and he believes Judas is coming with everything you would expect in a Bioshock game. Many have even dubbed it Bioshock in space.

The game seems to be a blend of various genres, taking inspiration from the best ideas for a ground-breaking amalgamation. According to the previews, the main character is impacted by memory loss, naturally tying into the rogue-like element.

Elsewhere, decisions are described as having an impact on the gameplay and character relations. The team calls this approach narrative legos, with director Ken Levine using it to add more replayability.

The fact that Judas is a first-person shooter is another obvious similarity to Bioshock. According to Geoff Keighley, the gameplay offers handpowers, hacking, incredible cinematic moments, beautiful characters, and a rich storyline.

These elements will be familiar to fans of Bioshock, making Judas incredibly exciting.

All the things you’d expect in a BioShock game are there.

-Geoff Keighly

Bioshock Infinite Was Released Over A Decade Ago

While everything appears to be looking great for Judas, Geoff Keighly also stated that the game is not done by any means, suggesting that Ken Levine’s ambitions will not be realized for a few more years.

It was recently reported that the game would not be released before March 2025. Meanwhile, an official Bioshock sequel is also in development, though it may not be available before 2028.

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