Phil Spencer Says Xbox Needs To Be More Like PC For Growth

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Teasing Storefronts Like Epic Games on Xbox!

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  • Phil Spencer wants Xbox to be more like PC to generate more sales.
  • He showed intent to bring multiple platforms like Epic Games Store to Xbox.
  • This will largely benefit the users and will also help Microsoft boost its own sales.

As Microsoft continues to struggle with poor sales and weaker profits, the Xbox boss has an idea of how it can get back on track. Phil Spencer wants Xbox to be more like PC. 

Why it matters: On consoles, you are limited to a company’s storefront. Whether it be the Xbox or PlayStation Store, you don’t get as much choice as a PC.

Xbox Series X
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Talking to Polygon, Spencer said that he would like to eliminate the hurdles that limit players to buy games on a specific store on the consoles. So, he needs Xbox to be the home for different game platforms like PC.

As Xbox goes multiplatform, Spencer records his annoyance at how closed systems or exclusive stores make games limited. When asked if he would want the likes of Epic Games or on Xbox, he replied with a firm yes.

The Xbox boss believes that console players would greatly benefit from this freedom.

When you’re using a PC, you get to decide the type of experience you have. There’s real value in that.

-Phil Spencer

He further explained that console growth is slowing down, and more people are moving towards PC. If they are to tackle the increasing hardware costs, they must squash exclusivity in favor of multiplatform titles.

Hi-Fi Rush
Xbox Games Released On PlayStation So Far

With rumors of Microsoft’s next-generation console arriving in a few more years, the future of Xbox could be completely different from the present.

Microsoft has claimed that its next hardware will deliver the biggest leap yet, and this leap would be further enhanced by a more open ecosystem if Microsoft goes that route for additional growth.

All of these steps will push Microsoft in the direction of a games publisher as opposed to a console manufacturer. The gaming giant could attract the PC audience through such measures, achieving the ultimate target of growth for Xbox.

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