Microsoft Hints Toward Bigger Multiplatform Approach For Xbox

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Microsoft Targeting 'Xbox And Consoles, PC, Mobile, And Cloud'

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  • Microsoft might be taking a different approach than its rivals, which focus on exclusivity.
  • Following recent rumors, Microsoft’s CEO suggests a bigger multiplatform push is the way forward for Xbox.
  • Titles like Call of Duty will be the first of this approach, but more could follow.

Exclusivity has always been a major selling point for consoles, allowing users of different consoles to enjoy exclusive titles on platforms. IPs like God of War, Mario, and Halo represent exclusives for all major players in the market, but Xbox seems to be trying a different approach.

It is no secret that Xbox has shifted focus toward expansion as an ecosystem since the last generation. Recent rumors suggested that more Xbox exclusives could be released on rival platforms, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appears to be hinting toward a similar approach.

Why it matters: As Xbox struggles to compete with PlayStation and Nintendo, the gaming giant needs to find new ways to innovate and evolve.

During a recent interview, the CEO was asked about the gaming business and the future of Xbox. He replied that the Activision merger positioned Xbox to achieve its goals. This goal, according to Satya Nadella, is to bring games across all platforms.

He stated:

“Now we have the ability to to build great games and deliver them across all platforms, which is Xbox AND Consoles, PC, mobile gaming, and cloud gaming.”

The CEO’s statement in this regard is quite interesting. Using the term ‘Xbox and consoles’ suggests that the latter refers to rival platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo.

Microsoft has already experimented with this approach in the past. Last year, while exclusives like Starifeld and Hi-Fi Rush bolstered the Xbox brand, first-party titles like Minecraft Legends were released for PlayStation.

The future may see Xbox relying on this approach even more. Still, with the CEO pointing to Activision Blizzard in this instance, he could have been referring to the impact of games like Call of Duty, which effectively make Xbox a multiplatform publisher.

xbox first party


With Xbox seemingly unable to make up lost ground against PlayStation, Microsoft is likely looking to plan ahead for the future.

Industry veterans like Naoki Yoshida believe consoles will be obsolete in a few years, with consumers gravitating toward Cloud Gaming. Xbox is already a leader in this sector, and this approach could give it the headstart needed to ensure its position as a dominant force in the future.

According to recent leaks, Hi-Fi Rush is among the games heading to other platforms. Titles like Call of Duty are also unimaginably popular on PlayStation, so CEO Satya Nadella appears content without exclusivity for such IPs.

However, such statements and the ambiguity of Xbox’s exclusivity plans have left many scratching their heads, waiting for a clear statement.

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