Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Says Xbox Needs To Be More Like PC For Growth

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox needs to be more like PC and have multiple game stores to succeed in the market.

Phil Spencer Believes Activision Layoffs Were Necessary For Profits

Phil Spencer states that the recent Activision Blizzard job cuts were unavoidable because Xbox wants to stay profitable in the industry.

Phil Spencer Teases Native Xbox Handheld From Microsoft

Phil Spencer seems excited about a next-gen Xbox handheld as he used all the current handhelds to see how they offer different experiences.

Phil Spencer Seemingly Gave Up On Skull and Bones In 2 Minutes

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, has a passion for playing all kinds of games, but he does not seem to have stuck with Skull and Bones.

Phil Spencer Still Confident About Xbox But Wants To Find New Customers

Microsoft gaming CEO Phil Spencer is confident in Xbox's future but observes a need to grow its existing player base.

Phil Spencer Again Confirms Plans To Bring Call of Duty To Game Pass

Phil Spencer has confirmed that Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard games will be released simultaneously on PC and consoles.

Xbox Does Not Want Consoles Going All Digital, Says Phil Spencer

Amid recent speculation, Phil Spencer has shared his outlook on rumors suggesting Xbox would transition to an all-digital future.

Phil Spencer Confirms Starfield And Indiana Jones Not Coming to PS5

Microsoft's latest business update confirms that Starfield and Indiana Jones won't be coming to PS5 despite recent rumors.

Microsoft Is Losing $100 to $200 Per Console, Says Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer has recently revealed that Microsoft is losing anywhere from $100 to $200 on the Xbox console hardware.

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