Phil Spencer Teases Native Xbox Handheld From Microsoft

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Xbox Considering Different Hardware Form Factors!

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  • The handheld market is more varied than before.
  • It has been reported that Xbox has been working on a handheld console for next-gen.
  • Phil Spencer also teases a handheld from Xbox for the future.

Xbox is already looking ahead as it prepares for the next generation of consoles. According to rumors, Microsoft is working on two next-gen consoles, including a handheld similar to the Switch or Steam Deck.

Multiple sources have pointed to the existence of an Xbox handheld, and Phil Spencer has added to the speculation. During a recent interview, the Xbox boss teased a potential handheld from Microsoft.

Why it matters: The handheld industry has seen a great resurgence since Nintendo released its Switch. Now, the players have more options than ever, but the industry remains open for anybody to join.

Phil Spencer Xbox
Phil Spencer Loves The Concept of Handhelds

During a recent interview with Polygon, the Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, talked about the handheld industry. He used his examples and stated that he used all the PC gaming handhelds to see how Microsoft could make a different one.

Phil Spencer added that he purchased the Legion Go and made a list of everything that made it feel further away from Xbox. This included small elements like games showing the saved files to his liking.

Interestingly, the Xbox boss then stated that the hardware team, which is led by Roanne Sones, is considering different hardware form factors to develop something that can attract more players for the next generation.

What should we build that will find new players? That will allow people to play at times when they couldn’t go play?

-phil spencer

Phil Spencer asserted that he has two approaches to making Xbox available on handhelds, either through the hardware or the software. However, he remains more confident about the Xbox hardware approach as he seems to have a rough idea of the future.

Meanwhile, Phil Spencer remains committed to the software experience, stating that players should get the best experience regardless of the platform. This goes hand-in-hand with Microsoft’s Xbox Everywhere motto.

Xbox’s Next-Gen Consoles Are Likely Coming In 2026

While an official announcement is yet to be made, Phil Spencer has stated that he sees a similar level of creativity coming to hardware in the future that the Xbox team has brought to software.

The latter includes initiatives like Game Pass, streaming, and more. Therefore, fans can expect an Xbox handheld to be equally promising.

With rumors of PlayStation planning its own handheld and the Switch 2 expected in 2025, the three could clash in this market in a few more years. This prospect alone makes an Xbox handheld worth anticipating.

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