Alan Wake 2 Is A New High For Horror Games

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Remedy Has Exceeded All Expectations!

Story Highlights
  • Alan Wake 2 delivers an unmatched atmosphere and intensity through next-gen visuals.
  • The game has completely transformed this franchise, differentiating itself from most sequels that are very similar to their predecessors.
  • Storytelling is unlike anything the horror genre has offered in recent years.

Remedy waited over a decade to revisit the Alan Wake IP. With the release of Alan Wake 2, the industry has been astounded by Remedy’s latest game, making it the most nominated title at The Game Awards.

As a horror game, it delivers industry-leading visuals, bringing a dark world to life. While horror games have been better than ever in 2023, Alan Wake 2 is easily my favorite game of the year.

Why it matters: The fact that Remedy’s work is able to stand out in a year with so many returning icons of the horror genre proves that the studio has created something truly special.

Alan Wake 2's Graphics Justifies It's Requirements

Impeccable Atmosphere Uplifted By Next-Gen Visuals

Each part of Alan Wake 2 boasts unmatched details. When played on PC, the game’s settings can be turned up to the maximum for path-traced glory, making for a completely immersive horror experience.

Even for someone like me, the game’s visuals did not disappoint. When playing at medium settings with FSR, at no point was I unsatisfied with the visuals. Remedy’s work on the game is good enough that the lack of ray tracing does not take away from the experience.

I found the studio’s lighting to be an important part of the horror theme and tone of Alan Wake 2. Each part of the game is deliberately crafted to amplify the intensity of impending threats.

Even in the daytime sections, a sense of dread appeared to be lurking right around the corner as I explored the game. The incredible art style also plays a crucial role in the overall atmosphere, resulting in my favorite world in horror games.

Alan Wake 2

An Evolutionary Sequel

Unlike other sequels, Alan Wake 2 does not rely on more of the same or an iterative approach.

While there is nothing wrong with studios sticking to the same foundations for sequels, I adore the fact that Alan Wake 2 is nothing like its predecessor. The game is fundamentally different, placing its horror elements at the heart of the experience.

According to Remedy, the first game was mostly an action title with horror elements sprinkled in, but the latest release is a survival-horror game through and through. This allows for a slower pace, which was one of my favorite aspects.

Exploring each environment was fun in itself, and I never felt like these parts dragged on longer than they needed to. The slower and more methodical pace of the game paved the path for the most intense sequences.

Because the game constantly offered a variety of experiences, it never felt repetitive or mundane. 

Alan Wake 2

Raising The Bar For Horror Storytelling

Alan Wake 2 is complex, nuanced, thought-provoking, and so much more. Compared to the best horror games, I noticed that the game demanded my absolute attention at all times.

The plot opens up in a non-linear way, making it easy to lose track of. However, this is easy to forgive when the narrative itself is so engrossing. Changing the crime scene with different scenarios is an aspect of the game that I can’t stop admiring.

As a game with two playable characters, I found Alan Wake 2 did right by both Saga Anderson and Alan Wake. Each character offers a distinct playstyle, with the latter introducing supernatural elements into the story.

I enjoyed the contrast between the two characters. Whether investigating crimes as Saga Anderson or navigating the Dark Place as Alan Wake, the story was always full of suspense.

Alan Wake 2 may not be a perfect game, but it is easily my favorite this year. While I was disappointed with parts like the initial boss fight due to poor camera angles, everything that followed solidified it as my personal Game of the Year.

I don’t expect it to win the most prestigious award at The Game Awards this year, but its impact on the industry will undoubtedly be felt in the years to come. As Remedy’s most important project, the game ticks all the boxes needed for a complete horror experience and goes one step further for a genre-defining release.

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