Battlefield 2042 Devs Hired 100 Content Creators & Ignored Their Advice

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No Feedback Was Implemented During Development!

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  • Battlefield 2042 didn’t manage to live up to the hype of a Battlefield game.
  • Shroud, a famous streamer, revealed that the developers hired 60 to 100 content creators for their advice.
  • He further stated that the team didn’t implement a single piece of advice given by the content creators.

Battlefield 2042 has turned a new leaf in recent months, but the game is still not up there among the best of this IP’s offerings. It received criticism from fans around the globe due to various underwhelming elements compared to its predecessors.

Major reasons for all the backlash included the lack of dynamic destruction, changes to the class system, and a focus on hero-shooter elements. One potential reason behind this misdirection has recently come to light.

During development, DICE hired around 60 to 100 content creators for their advice on the game but ignored them all. 

Why it matters: Content creators typically serve as the voice of a game community, helping to get the general message out to developers.

Shroud talks about how DICE payed around 100 content creators to help them develop the game and then completely ignored every advice they gave them.
byu/Zoumito5 inbattlefield2042

Famous streamer Shroud revealed in a Twitch stream that DICE didn’t listen to a single word the content creators said.

He recalled how DICE approached a team of around 60 to 100 content creators during the development. They did a lot of consulting, yet Shroud was ultimately disappointed by the lack of impact on the end product.

They didn’t listen to a thing we said. Not one thing!


While Shroud did not point to any specific names, there is a large community of content creators around Battlefield. The likes of JackFrags and LevelCapGaming immediately come to mind, so we would not be shocked if they were involved in the consulting to an extent.

Shroud then went on to question why DICE even hired the content creators if they didn’t plan to implement feedback. He underscored that content creators play games for a living, so their word holds more weight than DICE gave them credit for.

Overall, the streamer was quite frustrated at the situation.

The Next Battlefield Is Said To Feature Realistic Destruction

However, some have raised the point that Shroud might not be the best fit for advice on Battlefield.

While there is no denying his skill in first-person shooters, he has never been one to dive too deep into the Battlefield franchise. Still, these statements raise questions about DICE’s ability to listen to feedback.

While we are not aware of what advice was given by the content creators to the developers, not all of it could have been worth ignoring.

Anyhow, the story of Battlefield 2042 is already set in stone. Fans now look forward to the future, anticipating the next Battlefield game, expected to launch in 2025. According to leaks, this game is taking a back-to-basics approach and features more destruction.

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