Job Listing Hints At Bigger Destruction Focus For Next Battlefield Game

Course Correction After BF 2042 Destruction Disappointed!

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  • Battlefield 2042 was criticized by many due to poor destruction in core maps.
  • We found a job listing hinting this could change for the next Battlefield game, with destruction being a core focus again.
  • Ripple Effect is hiring a VFX Director, asking for expertise in hyper-realistic destruction.

EA DICE is the main studio responsible for creating the Battlefield games, but it receives help from various studios such as Ripple Effect. Most recently, this team handled the remastered maps offered in Portal from Battlefield 2042.

The latest Battlefield game has received plenty of criticism for various aspects. Among the most popular criticisms is the lack of impactful destruction the series has been known for.

However, this could be addressed with the next entry. We have spotted a new job listing from EA, and Ripple Effect is hiring for a VFX Director, pointing to a massive focus on destruction for the next Battlefield game.

EA Ripple Effect VFX Director Job Listing
Source: Job Listing For VFX Director At Ripple Effect

The job listing states:

“We are looking for a Senior 3D Artist to help us create the most realistic and exciting destruction effects in the industry.”

Ripple Effect is specifically looking for someone to handle this part of the game.

In the past, destruction was a huge selling point of Battlefield games in addition to the large-scale warfare. This added an element of dynamic level design, with players being able to influence the map through their decisions.

However, Battlefield 2042 was extremely limited with its destructions. Many believed this game was a step back from titles like Battlefield 1 and 5, leaving legacy fans wanting more.

Therefore, with EA taking this feedback into account, destruction is likely to be at the forefront of its next Battlefield project.

Battlefield 2042

This support team handled classic maps in Battlefield Portal for the latest game. These maps had much better destruction than the new offerings, so the developer should be able to improve upon its work from the last game.

Among the other skills, Ripple Effect is also looking for a developer that can:

“Create optimized and hyper-realistic in-game VFX”

The hyper-realistic visual effects could tie into the overall aesthetic of the game.

EA’s teams have used techniques like photogrammetry for realistic visuals for a while, and the next game could end up being the most impressive Battlefield to date.

EA has already confirmed the existence of the next Battlefield game. The CEO previously stated that the next release would reimagine the IP, but the job listing suggests destruction will return as a prominent element.

While little else is known, Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella is leading the future of the series, inspiring more confidence for the subsequent games.

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