PS5 DualSense V2 Revision With 12 Hour Battery Spotted Online

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  • The DualSense offers various features that set it apart from the competition, but it does not have the best battery life.
  • This will be addressed in the DualSense V2 controller.
  • The controller revision has been leaked by BestBuy Canada, offering 12 hours of battery life.

Sony brought a revolution in controllers with the release of the DualSense. The controller was an all-in-one package as it was crafted with a beautiful design with the comfort of hand in mind, while its haptics and triggers made games come alive.

However, all of this came at the cost of battery life, leading to criticism from those who value long-lasting controllers. This weakness could be on its way out soon, with a new version of the controller leaking online, pointing to 12 hours of battery life.

Why it matters: The long-lasting battery could make the DualSense the best controller on the market since it addresses one of the only weaknesses that have existed since 2020.

DualSense V2 Controller
Source: BestBuy Canada

The upgraded model of DualSense was listed ahead of the official announcement on BestBuy Canada.

In the past, PlayStation made a similar revision for its DualShock 4 controller. However, according to the Best Buy listing, the defining feature of this revision is the fact that it sports a massive 12-hour-long battery.

The current versions of this controller often run out of battery after 5-6 hours of gameplay. While charging can be considered a minor inconvenience for all the bells and whistles this controller ships with, many are still not fond of a dead controller breaking up an otherwise immersive gaming session.

Therefore, this revision should prove to be quite popular. At 89 CAD, the price has also been retained. Much to our disappointment, however, PlayStation does not appear to be doing much about the stick drift problem that has persisted in these controllers since 2020.

how to reset ps5 controller
PS5 DualSense Controller – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)

Typically, V2 controllers ship with a few minor changes as well. During the last generation, the PS4 controller changed to a matt finish and added an extra light on the TouchPad.

While no such change is seen from the image, a few differences in weight and grip could have been made to improve the overall DualSense experience for newcomers.

As we are approaching Sony’s upcoming mid-gen refresh, the PlayStation 5 Pro, this controller will be the perfect match to make this console an even bigger force in the industry.

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