Next Battlefield Taking Safe And Predictable Approach, Says Insider

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Hopefully Returning To Game Like Battlefield 4!

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  • A known leaker states that the next Battlefield will play it safe and be more predictable.
  • Battlefield 2042 was a huge departure from past games, but it ended up being underwhelming.
  • Fans long for a title closer to games like Battlefield 4 and Bad Company 2.

Once a highly loved franchise, Battlefield has slowly been on a decline since the disastrous launch of Battlefield 5 and 2042. While it still has a dedicated fan base and saw a resurgence not too long ago, the consensus about the franchise has shifted significantly.

We know that a new Battlefield is in the works and is expected somewhere late in 2025. However, EA has recently struggled with layoffs and mismanagement. Amid the stress, famous leaker Tom Henderson states the next game will be a safe entry.

Why it matters: Battlefield 2042 tried to go too out of the box and failed to stick to its basics. Plus, the game launched in a broken state, becoming a recipe for disaster. Dice is expected to change this approach moving forward.

Compared to past games, Battlefield 2042 launched without a single-player campaign, introduced 128-player matches, and moved away from a focus on destruction.

In theory, the game had decent ideas, but its poor launch was the final nail in the coffin. Sticking to the basics is what fans have demanded after this release, asking for a title similar to Battlefield 4.

According to Tom Henderson, EA will take a predictable approach in the future. If we had to guess, this would mean that the next entry will be much closer to Battlefield 4 than recent releases.

A previous job listing suggested that the title would have an added focus on destruction, signifying the return of another classic element. However, it is also expected to feature a free-to-play battle royale like Call of Duty.

Battlefield 2042 Took A Long Time To Get Started

Not too long ago, BattleBit Remastered became famous for emulating the feel of classic Battlefield games. Perhaps Dice can take a few pages from BattleBit Remastered’s book and study fan demands.

Unfortunately, the development has not been the most smooth so far. Battlefield recently lost a director who didn’t have much good to say about the EA. A new studio dedicated to the IP was also shut down.

Nonetheless, Tom Henderson’s remark has sparked renewed hope among fans. Battlefield has been on the sidelines for far too long, so EA’s decision to focus on a back-to-basics approach might be the best bet for the time being.

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