Next Battlefield Game Expected To Launch In November 2025

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Battlefield Set To Return Next Year!

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  • EA is working on a reimagination for the Battlefield series.
  • A leaker claims Dice is aiming for a tentative November 2025 release.
  • The studio does not intend to repeat past mistakes for this entry.

Battlefield 2042 is approaching its third anniversary later this year. Having gone through a rough launch, this game recently experienced a significant resurgence, peaking at over 100K players on Steam.

However, introductions like the specialists are still considered controversial. Amid this game’s current support, EA has also begun teasing its vision for a reimagined Battlefield game. A prominent leaker has pointed to a November 2025 launch for this game.

Why it matters: EA and Dice face the task of redeeming the Battlefield franchise after two major releases that failed to get up and running from day one.

According to EA’s latest financial earnings report, no Battlefield game is planned before April 2025. Stuart Canfield from EA stated that the publisher is looking to release major titles in various franchises, including Battlefield, for FY2025 and beyond.

Further elaborating on this information, the reliable Tom Henderson claims that Dice and EA are targeting a tentative release for October or November 2025. This would give the studio over three years of development after Battlefield 2042.

He also states that Dice is not keen on repeating past mistakes. Therefore, the team will not hesitate to delay the game into 2026 if needed for a polished release on launch day.

Meanwhile, Dice and EA are fully committed to supporting Battlefield 2042. The game is moving into its 7th season soon, offering new maps, cosmetics, and an all-new battle pass.

Battlefield 2042

While next to no information is currently known about the future of Battlefield, a job listing has pointed to a bigger focus on destruction. If this is anything to go by, the studio might be looking to take a back-to-basics approach, focusing on the core strengths of this first-person shooter series.

2025 is expected to be a packed year for AAA titles. With Death Stranding 2, GTA 6, and more confirmed for the year, the addition of a brand new Battlefield game will add further excitement to the AAA industry.

However, fans remain cautious about the future of this series after two disappointing releases in a row from EA.

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